WNAMM09:NAMM-CAM Spectralis 2 Peak

As it happens from Winter NAMM09      17/01/09

Posted live from NAMM 2009, Anaheim CA.

The Sonic Team

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s r dhain    Said...

Now THAT'S something im waiting for!...

17-Jan-09 08:51 PM

Mystic Radio    Said...

quit doing these 20 second things... its frustrating man.....

17-Jan-09 09:04 PM

fizmo    Said...

definitely one of the best announcements this year. just hope it can actually do what they say it can.

17-Jan-09 09:09 PM

barnone    Said...

Seriously. We anxiously want a demo not a teaser. Please...please please.

17-Jan-09 09:42 PM


Weren't owners of the original Spectralis complaining that the OS was never completed?

18-Jan-09 02:11 AM

selercs    Said...

Spectralis is a great product but their English is really bad. The manuals are horribly written; website needs rework. Grammatical syntax needs a lot of error-checking. I wish they would hire a native English speaker from England, USA, Australia, New Zealand or India (English medium educated) since Germinglish is a pain to understand!

18-Jan-09 03:30 AM

Nick B    Said...

@barnone - we have shot one it will be coming, we just have a bit of a backlog. Stay tuned.

18-Jan-09 10:40 AM

sinphonic    Said...

the first spectralis has only been developed until firmware version 0.97 !! Now they built a new one and don't care about the owners of the first model anymore! Be careful: Additional sounds and presets are not free either! Users have to pay for it!!

18-Jan-09 05:08 PM

barnone    Said...

@sinphonic Sorry but this is not true. First model can be upgraded to the new OS when it is released. It is very close and has been in beta with some users already. Also first model will be upgradeable to the 2GB memory SD card option as well through a board exchange. You will have to sent in your machine though for the upgrade.

@Nick B Thanks. We look forward to it.

18-Jan-09 05:51 PM

s r dhain    Said...

nick and co are busy, so if nick doesnt object too much, and you cannot wait a bit longer...

...here's a link to their site!


18-Jan-09 06:40 PM

Revtor    Said...

Lets get the demo already!!!!!

-Speck 1's can be fully upgraded to 2 (except for cosmetics and different buttons) -Speck loads wav's and Soundfonts so samples are as available for this as anything else. There are sound packs you can pay for of course.. -The manual is a bit wordy and dense.. But its all in there, sometimes hard to find what you need though. An alphabetical index is available at the spectralis forum. -The UI is not immediately intuitive. Just like 99% of gear out there. There are just too many functions and details to have it be that way. It takes a few solid sessions at the wheel to get it all down, but once you have it, its very quick to do anything all while the machine is running. Jut gotta RTFM a bit. -Feature requests are always welcomed and the OS is ongoing! Currently rock-stable and crazy capable, Speck2 and OS .99 will bring a few needed things, plus some workflow improving details.. I doubt the OS will stop there! (I pray for resampling) This is one guy's baby- he's pretty fanatical about it and actually uses it to write music. .


20-Jan-09 07:55 AM

pelourus    Said...

Ok i dont want to be pushy but.. please for the luv of humanity! "GIVE US THE DEMO!" um thanx.

22-Jan-09 04:28 AM

barnone    Said...

Ok, yeah so Therimin PRO is posted before spectralis II. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......The humanity! I'm over it.

22-Jan-09 11:56 PM

angry    Said...

so you guys forgot all about the promised demo then????

26-Jan-09 01:29 PM

eyeball    Said...

pleeeeeeeeease post the video!

01-Feb-09 03:31 AM

fizmo    Said...

http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=L9qNejdTG14 here is link to demo of it on youtube, since this vid and the virus ti 2's don't seem to be forthcoming.

02-Feb-09 11:58 AM

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