WNAMM09: Roland's VP-770

New Improved Features Demo'ed      17/01/09

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6:21 mins
The new improved VP-770, vocal and ensemble synth is here with a better engine, phantom power input and USB key to playback data files. Check out the formant handling on this demo. Just wild!

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  • Roland's VP-770

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    Gustavo    Said...

    I've always loved the VP line, though for that price (I understood $1997 usd) I could get something else...

    THough I honestly enjoyed Ed Diaz's presentation, I believe he is better than the korg guy

    17-Jan-09 09:28 AM

    s r dhain    Said...

    amazing bit of kit, and a big leap from the previous one. The price is...ouch!

    17-Jan-09 10:15 AM

    Dan A.    Said...

    Ed Diaz is great! $2k is a lot of money, but I can see this board taking a band to the next level sonically, especially a small electronic duo or trio. The VP-770 has live performance written all over it.

    17-Jan-09 10:20 AM

    hogberto    Said...

    want one!

    17-Jan-09 05:54 PM

    zoff    Said...

    not sure the loop recording can be really used in a live situation, pity

    18-Jan-09 05:46 PM

    Basil St. Cecil    Said...

    I could do silly things with a keyboard like that.

    Very silly things, indeed.

    And I think the guy who did the demo for it seems like a nice, friendly chappie, although he should change his name to Miguel . . . Miguel Bananas.

    B St. C

    19-Jan-09 11:00 AM

    Wes    Said...

    It'd be nice if they muted the microphone from the board feed so we could hear the keyboard and NOT this guy singing out of key! His first example of how it "didn't matter" was enough.

    Very cool tech, can't wait for it to come down in price a bit.

    19-Jan-09 11:10 AM

    Kristien    Said...

    Looks like a very cool keyboard. Probably a lot of techno people such as kraftwerk and musicians such as Jean-Michel Jarre might have theirs on order.

    19-Jan-09 10:11 PM

    Kristien    Said...

    Very cool keyboard. looks good, sounds good

    19-Jan-09 10:12 PM

    selercs    Said...

    good sound quality, but i like tc helicon's voice technologies better - tc helicon has a more natural sounding harmony, great modeling and pitch correction, has great reverb/delay fx. and the price for many of their models (MIDI controllable) is less than half of this guy.

    02-Feb-09 06:23 PM

    James    Said...

    Looks like a great synth but its pity that Roland still doesnt implement their new synths with VST support like ACCESS or KORG!!!

    The same goes for V-synth GT! A fabulous synth but without VST implementation! Actually this is the only reason that keeps me to not buy Rolands synths!

    SO PITY!!!!

    08-Feb-09 08:41 AM

    jaan    Said...

    VST??!! With noise generator for free??Crazy.. Moog, Nord, Prophet etc - no vst!!

    20-May-09 09:32 AM

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