WNAMM09: Exclusive Linn Drum 2 Interview

Dave Smith & Roger Linn Chat About The Linn Drum 2      18/01/09

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8:2 mins

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s r dhain    Said...

Another piece of kit im waiting for with baited breath. dave seems to be a little circumspect...lol ;-)

18-Jan-09 10:18 AM

fizmo    Said...

i can't wait for this either, i just hope it's not going to look like the buchla 700 series as the webshot shows :)

18-Jan-09 11:18 AM

Mystic Radio    Said...

these guys have been BLAH-BLAHing about this box for 3 frickin years..... trouble is other companies are getting ahead of them... PUT UP OR SHUT UP.... vaporware for this long is insulting. sorry. At this rate they'll be dead before we see an actual product.... do we need a Linndrum this bad with all the technology out there.. I THINK NOT.

18-Jan-09 11:41 AM

s r dhain    Said...

Mystic, Ive emailed dave a few times regarding updates, suggestions, and he's always a gent. Regardless of what happens to the project, Both deserve props for still making valid, useable fun pieces of equipment, which still innovates, when some of the bigger names seem keener to churn out the same old stuff in a different shell year after year. Considering they dont really have anywhere near the budget for true r&d, that's either insane, or just gutsy, and passionate. You pays yer money..


18-Jan-09 06:34 PM

flux302    Said...

bottom line is if it is as innovative as what these two minds are actually capable of, well it will be very much worth the wait. here's hoping!!!

18-Jan-09 10:34 PM

Mr Trip    Said...

mystic radio, when in the presence of Genius, learn to show RESPECT or shut the fuk up u Kunt,

What have you ever done, that is 1/10,000,000 as important as the MPC?

19-Jan-09 12:54 AM

Matt Thibideau    Said...

Mystic Radio Perhaps you seem to forget or maybe you don't even realize that these guys are responsible for the technology you are currently using! Show some respect. There would not be polyphony, Midi, or the MPC without these guys. It is worth the wait.

19-Jan-09 08:17 AM

dimitri    Said...

i love to see these people are still working on the line drum 2 .that being said every body is working on an mpc style box but none has come up with an idea like using it live and being able to taKE THAT SAME BOx in the studio and use ist as a vst plugin .i hope roger linn drum has that feature .it would kick the competion.right now we need stuff to intract with the studio and be able to take that same pice of gear on stage it will save us lots of time.native instruments almost got it with their beat mashine but you cant take the unit by it self on stage without bring a pc on satge .so roger take your time and please get it right.

19-Jan-09 09:11 AM

Basil St. Cecil    Said...

I really hope these guys can birth this baby. They're really going for it, unlike the playing-it-EXTREMELY-safe big companies (I'm looking at you, Korg, with your MicroKorg XL . . . and you, Boss, with your ME-70).

I love how they're really going for an all-in-one box . . . I've been kind of asking for something like this for a LOOONG time now.

I would love to be able to make this box the centerpiece of my set-up.

Basil St. Cecil (proud owner of an Adrenalinn III)

19-Jan-09 10:03 AM

Hidden Driveways    Said...

Thanks for the video Nick, but, for a mili-second when I saw the link to the video I thought MAYBE this thing is done.

Oh well. I agree with a lot of people on here. We need a real drum machine for stage and studio. I don't need NI's flashy controller or MOTU's new beat software.

19-Jan-09 10:14 AM

hiltonius    Said...

i'd say it's a HIGH HONOR to have your balls broken by no less than Roger Linn during the interview you conduct with him......


19-Jan-09 02:03 PM

dj d    Said...

there has never been an all in one box. these guys are finally creating a sampler with a true anolog synth,with filters, effects,mpc style seq,sampling and implementing all the goodies that should go along with it. its 2009, i've given up on akai and the others.these companies dissappointed there customers to the point where everyones hunting down oldschool gear to suit ther needs. seems like no one can get it right. i think these guys will an there machine will become an instant classic,, and the competions stuff will on ebay 2 montrhs later

22-Jan-09 03:16 PM

selercs    Said...

Matt Thibideau,

I agree with what you said about respecting these innovators. However, its not good to give undue credit or sole credit to them - 1st drum machine was Roland CR78, and Roger Linn took it a step further with the MPC (sample based drum machine)...Dave Smith no doubt innovated big time with 1st microprocessor memory based polysynth (prophet 5). He also deserves credit for suggesting MIDI protocol. But as I know it (Correct me if I am wrong), Oberheim is responsible for the 1st poly analog synth, as Ikutaro Kakehashi (Roland) with the 1st drum machine (analog), and Ikutaro played a major role in creating the technology along with Dave and others...so he deserves credit along with Dave. Just like John Chowning theorized FM synthesis, but Yamaha engineers (many nameless unfortunately) deserves credit for materializing Chowning's idea.

That being said, show respect to these guys - they are indeed pioneers whose unique ideas changed the world (along with Oberheim, Kakehashi, Katoh (Korg), Toshi Kunitomo (Yamaha's physical modeling architect), folks at Stanford (who theorized physical models) and others.

My point is don't give undue credit, but definitely respect and admire these innovators.

Its sad to hear Dave say that they don't have budget...Don't Roger get royalty fees from Akai and Dave Smith from various MIDI manufacturers? I thought they were multi-millionaires!

What gives!

31-Jan-09 09:45 PM

pelourus    Said...

off topic here.. but where the hell is the promised demo of the spectralis 2!? cant even find the sneak peak video they used to have up here on the site..

will you still show it?. thanx ps Linn drum 2 will be Spectralis 2 competition if they do it right..

02-Feb-09 06:31 AM

Jack g    Said...

Hey dj d! the SPECTRALIS does all those things you just stated mate! it has been ahead of its time for a while now..

02-Feb-09 06:40 AM

Mystic Radio    Said...

MPC ME ASS...... just to make hip hop CRAP... CUT AND PASTE GARBAGE..... nothing will ever top the music of 60,70,80s for innovation.... People made MUSIC back then.. all people do now with this hip hop crap is copy one another and make cloned annoying garbage to make money... the motivation for HIP HOP is money only.... and it sounds all the bloody same..... if these BRUTTAHS. could ever write something like Bohemian Rhrapsody.... id faint... but they cant.. they have no TRUE TALENT... its all cut and pasting beats and spitting into a microphone and insulting women for the most part. another drum box. WOOP DE DOO... Native instruments isnt as big as Roland or Korg. and they came out with MASCHINE likity split....the interface was designed quick.. and has ALL THE SOUNDS you'll ever want. and can use.. BFD... TOONTRACK 2.0.... so the GENIUS'S are gonna top that capability.... DEATH TO HIP HOP..... its bogus

02-Feb-09 03:40 PM

Mystic Radio    Said...

IM NOT SAYING I DONT RESPECT THEM... but WHY talk about anything before you have it...... whats the point..... people have to make music NOW not 3-4 years from now. Arturia took so long for their hardware synth nobody cared anymore.. infact its not selling much at all. im speaking of the ORIGIN.... too many better things have come out. Companies announce things for too early... and frustrates customers to no end. Make the machine.. and give yourself 3 months leway time and it has a better chance to be successful.... I bought a MOPHO... they didnt talk about it for YEARS.. it just appeared. and its flying out the doors....... I rest my case... again.. THERE IS MORE THAN ENOUGH 'BEAT' BOXES OUT THERE SOFT OR HARD out there to last anyone a LIFETIME to pump up the jam........crappy as that music is...... The only hip=hop type beats ive ever liked in a mix.. is DEEP FOREST.....THAT is a good use of multi-beats... not 'YEAH YEAH.. PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR... HOW BORING

02-Feb-09 03:56 PM

alps    Said...

Hey mysticspastic! how about you take your ignorant thinking and go get a girlfriend.

Ohh and post some of your fantastically brilliant genius music for us to hear because you are obviously the dogs bollox!

But please no cut and paste, no real musicians would ever do that!! dick...

03-Feb-09 12:52 PM

Mystic Radio    Said...

LOL.... you are a child...... you know DAMN well..... hip hip is crap.... even Tom Petty said.. rap was a short form for CRAP... Theres no cut and paste in my world deary. So go play your Wii and shut the F up.

There are tons of musicians who would agree with me. Hiphop world is an abomonation to artists like Stevie Wonder.. and that calibre of musician who sweated blood making real music. Not today.. nope.... a mouse in one hand and a bottle of crystal in the other....what a joke.

04-Feb-09 08:27 AM

Mysticluvadick    Said...

bro! what happened to you to make you so bitter?! some Hip Hopper laid your mum huh?.

04-Feb-09 04:23 PM

Kids Kids Kids    Said...

ya and i sent him to do YOUR mom too......lol

hip hop is repetetive garbage..... can you imagine people playing any of that trash 20 years from now at a campfire...lol

actually hip hop make me bitter

06-Feb-09 11:18 PM

mysticgayho    Said...

Man that guy is angry!! he must have sand in his Vagina..

07-Feb-09 05:11 AM

gaz    Said...

Campfire No.. but in twenty years thell still be playing it in the ghetto.

07-Feb-09 05:15 AM


hip hoppers should save their money... then in 20 years there will be NO GHETTO... and those kids will be LONG PAST hip hop. maybe discover stevie wonder....and the GREATS... if hip hop was sooo great why didnt stevie wonder do a hip hop album.... ever think of that..... CAUSE ITS JUST MONEY MAKING CRAP... fast money. fast cars.... stevie is REAL..... he wouldnt stoop to cut and paste music...... and for your info.. i have TWO VAGINAS

07-Feb-09 10:23 AM

iluvsteviehesogooood    Said...

stevie couldnt give a fuck about doing a Hip Hop album, he was to busy enjoying all the bitchs and riches after making all the cash on his albums.

Have you seen the bling on that guy! by the way your super white.

08-Feb-09 04:01 PM

Bob Barker    Said...

In 20years from now when Iam bumping classic hiphop at my campfire party, you douche bags are going to be across the road “like the homos you are� listening to Queen, Cat Stevens and the latest collaboration of Stevie Wonder and the Jonas Brothers … then when you realize that no gives a sh’t about your has bin homo music and you try to come over to my campfire party, Iam going to smash that acoustic guitar over your head. Hiphop is the future of music, period. Talented produces and artists (unlike your self’s) create amazing music to this day. Hiphop is the most innovative and original music since jazz. The Linndrum 2 is going to be a classic instrument just like the Fender Rhodes or Gibson Les Paul.

15-Feb-09 07:15 PM

KEESE ME AXE    Said...

Hey SNOB BARKER..... if our LAME ASS MUSIC is so lame... why has been playing on the radio for over 40 years and going strong. Hip hop is gonna last? What crack did yo mama feed you dog...... you so 'IGNINT' you think the Mexican border was the dude living upstairs.... you so dumb you thought the Boar War was a pig fight. DEATH TO HIP HOP... the ANNOYING CUT AND PASTE FODDER. See what hip has done to you. made you a violent ass..... smashing peoples guitars at a campfire? YOU BELONG IN PRISON with the other GANGSTAHS. 'MORON'

18-Feb-09 12:36 PM

loveaduck    Said...

Wow. I'm pretty certain none of you people dismissing other forms of music are actual thinking musicians. Else you'd have thought it through before you laid out those embarrassing comments.

25-Feb-09 04:34 AM

M. Thibideau    Said...

Selercs.. Yes you are right.. However the Linndrum revolutionized the use of samples in a drum machine and then all companies followed suit. I wasn't giving undue credit to Roland. I do use an 808 and Jupiter-4. I am not sure if the Oberheim 4 voice came before the Prophet. They were very close. Performing on the 4 voice was tricky though as it didn't remember all of your settings..... I give respect to all of those companies as I use most of their vintage gear. And I think Dave Smith's Prophet-08 stands up very well also.

Mystic Radio.. you can use what ever plugin you want to make music on.. certain instruments are worth the wait. Who says the MPC is made to make just hip hop? I certainly don't make this kind of music. And What's with this Hip Hop debate? Who cares? Aren't we talking about a musical instrument?

03-Apr-09 03:20 PM

jason    Said...

Hey all of you talking shit, this isnt a forum of what music you like or you dont! This is about the Linndrum 2, if you dont like it, then just stfu and do whatever you gotta do. LM2 is gonna kick ass. Good things take time.

15-May-09 05:45 PM

Jareed    Said...

24-bit wavs through analog synthesis is what I want.

17-Jun-09 11:09 PM

Flux302    Said...

wow this thread turned horrid. If you aren't involved in hip hop maybe you don't deserve to make broad sweeping judgments stating that it is crap and doesn't involve musicianship. I am both a hip hop artist and a rock/ jazz artist and have to say that not all hip hop is 50 cent and bling bling. please don't lump that as hip hop. if anything it's pop and the sad state of modern pop is not what this thread is about. NOW HAS ANYONE SEEN THE NEW PROTOTYPE??? btw i recently picked up NI maschine as i grew tired of waiting for this new beast.

23-Jul-09 07:49 PM

dj    Said...

i dont acre what anyine thinks im buying this when it comes out ..

25-Oct-09 11:33 PM

adrian    Said...

linn rules the world...I worked 20 years with LM-2...we hope the linn 2 comes very soon this year.....will buy them both.....

11-Jan-10 11:57 AM

adrian    Said...

linn rules the world...I worked 20 years with LM-2...we hope the linn 2 comes very soon this year.....will buy them both.....

11-Jan-10 11:58 AM

Bob Barker    Said...

I would like to apologize for my previous comment (posted last year). I got a little worked up reading this message board the first time, haha. But I am looking forward to the lm2. I hope it will be able to replace my mpc with some new updated features and a better interface.

28-Feb-10 08:18 PM

sbm    Said...

Anymore news on this product aside from the website?

28-Apr-10 04:28 PM

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