WNAMM09: ImpOSCar 2 Full Demo

Exclusive Video Shows All The New Features      18/01/09

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12:16 mins
The irripressible Mr. Spiers runs through all the features of his new baby, the ImpOSCar 2.
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    impOSCar fan    Said...

    Nice demo, Mr. Spiers. Looking forward to a release!

    18-Jan-09 06:03 AM

    Dajebus    Said...

    i still use the original all the time. it's my go to synth for so many things. looking forward to this!

    18-Jan-09 08:28 AM

    mossie23    Said...

    don't you just love people who are so enthusiastic about what they do?

    18-Jan-09 09:00 AM

    Marc JX8P    Said...

    Brilliant demo! I love the polyphonic glide sound and the audio inputs...

    18-Jan-09 09:51 AM

    s r dhain    Said...

    one word...YUM!

    Ive never used the first one...is it quite processor hungry (compared say to the -loud cough- arturia range)?

    18-Jan-09 10:09 AM

    tonytone    Said...

    audio input through the imposcar filters........brilliant!

    18-Jan-09 10:13 AM

    bakkebaard    Said...

    great product and great demo!

    18-Jan-09 10:19 AM

    krux    Said...

    I'm sure Monsieur Foxx and Currie are going to be very, VERY happy with this one.... ;

    18-Jan-09 10:47 AM

    paul mitch    Said...

    one of my most used plug in

    18-Jan-09 10:54 AM

    CplusE    Said...

    What was he talking about when he said the nonsense about trudy or something to that nature

    18-Jan-09 11:59 AM

    The Guvnor    Said...

    Mmmmmm... poly glide. Best thing about the OB. That's some nice lush pads there, Mr Spiers. The credit card is coming out as we speak...

    18-Jan-09 12:17 PM

    rpb1966    Said...

    Hmmmm those sounds man, those sounds!!!!

    18-Jan-09 12:41 PM

    Ruud    Said...

    I love it :-)

    @ s r dhain: The first version of impOSCar is very cpu efficient and sounds good too.

    18-Jan-09 04:34 PM


    I like rooting options

    18-Jan-09 06:04 PM

    Mark    Said...

    What does "irripressible" mean?

    18-Jan-09 08:22 PM

    hiltonius    Said...

    i believe it means that dave can only be pressed once......

    19-Jan-09 01:37 PM

    Hidden Driveways    Said...

    [x] Will buy when released

    21-Jan-09 04:35 PM

    Alex    Said...

    Is he playing born slippy?

    21-Jan-09 05:47 PM

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