WNAMM09: Not Only A Controller But Also A Musical Instrument

The Continuum Fingerboard gets an audio engine      20/01/09
WNAMM09: Not Only A Controller But Also A Musical Instrument

Haken Audio has designed and implemented an internal digital signal processor in their Continuum Fingerboard MID controller. Here's all he details in their own words...
This audio engine offers meticulously crafted musical patches. Simply plug in headphones or connect to the AES3 digital output and start to experience the amazing possibilities of this unique electronic musical instrument.
Designed by composer and Continuum performer Edmund Eagan, the internal patches were prototyped in Symbolic Sound's Kyma, then hand coded for the Continuum's Sharc processor. Immediate variances within a performer's playing technique are translated into sonic expression, creating a human-instrument feedback loop that responds startlingly like an actual acoustic instrument. Every surface interaction, no matter how dramatic or subtle, shapes the sound. Delicate pitch inflections, wild timbral sweeps, pulsing amplitude shifts, and exotic tone clusters are just some of the possibilities.
The new internal sounds are an addition to the existing highly optimized Midi output and control voltage capabilities of the Continuum Fingerboard.
Pricing and Availability:
Available for direct purchase from Haken Audio.
See website for prices.
More information:
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    phraggle    Said...

    It's a... it's a... it's a pretty Stylophone!

    20-Jan-09 07:55 AM

    hogberto    Said...

    ha ha. good one phrag. a pretty and extremely expensive stylophone.

    21-Jan-09 02:21 PM

    Marc JX8P    Said...

    Heh, it's a bit more expressive than that thing. Check out this demo video from a few years back, particularly the second half of it when the guy starts playing it: http://www.sonicstate.com/news/2005/02/01/wnamm05-new-midi-controller-breaks-with-conventions/.

    Very expensive, though. I agree on that. Then again, I would put this in the same group as the Reactable and the Lemur controllers.

    21-Jan-09 03:20 PM

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