WNAMM09: Akai MPK25 Once Over

Take a look at the smaller new master control      22/01/09

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1:2 mins
Eric McGregor shows us around the new MPK25, a 25-key (no surprise) MIDI controller following in the footsteps of the MPK 49, but smaller, or more precisely, shorter.

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fizmo    Said...

there are 12 knobs on the mpk25. first he had an issue with shapes, now counting?

22-Jan-09 11:29 AM

dbf    Said...

He did say two banks of knobs (making 24); and later said 48 pads based on the same logic.

But yeah, I had a double take when he said it.

23-Jan-09 12:06 AM

PR    Said...

Why cant Akai get the knob/drum pad layout correct? R they retarded or something?!? Pads on the right and Knobs on the left! Who wants to spastically tap out beats with their weak left hand while playing a run with their right? Or tweak a knob with their right hand while riffing out with the left?

27-Jan-09 03:36 AM

DBM    Said...

Sign a petition to get Akai to make an AU plugin to bridge the gap between Logic and their MPK/MPD series of controllers.

Let them Know we want Mixer control ! http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/mpk4logic/

09-Mar-10 01:26 PM

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