WNAMM09: Spectrasonics Omnisphere Upgrade Demo

A Selection Of The 2000 New Patches      22/01/09

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9:2 mins
Eric Persing demos the jaw dropping new Omnisphere patches from this free upgrade. Lush!

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    Jay Key    Said...


    This is the kind of video report I really like to watch.

    Hearing how it sounds, not hearing a man saying "well, it has 6 oscillators and 3 analog-modeled filters blabla...".

    Great video !

    22-Jan-09 08:36 AM

    The Guvnor    Said...

    Wow. This thing really does have some fantastic sounds. I only wish the price were cheaper and I might actually buy it.

    Gotta agree with Jay Key. I love hearing the sonic capabilities of the products rather than have the spec sheets reciting to me. No fault of SonicState though!

    22-Jan-09 09:09 AM

    Kristien    Said...

    Wow oh wow that Omnisphere is SO awesome!

    22-Jan-09 12:51 PM

    z    Said...

    Amazing what stereo can do to a sound isn't it?

    I might look into Omnisphere...

    Guess that means it's a good demo. :)

    22-Jan-09 03:29 PM

    Marc JX8P    Said...

    Very, very cool. Great sounds!

    22-Jan-09 03:57 PM

    tetsuko    Said...

    Great video. Thank you SonicState!

    23-Jan-09 12:22 AM

    Kristien    Said...

    sonicstate.com what a brilliant video for Specrasonics Omnisphere. Informative, helpful and Brilliant. Great to see and hear such a fantastic piece of software

    23-Jan-09 01:33 AM

    Adam    Said...

    Eric Persing is the man! great demo of an awesome product..

    23-Jan-09 02:49 AM

    Adam    Said...

    Eric Persing is the man! great demo of an awesome product..

    23-Jan-09 02:50 AM

    Adam    Said...

    Eric Persing is the man! great demo of an awesome product..

    23-Jan-09 02:50 AM

    Adam    Said...

    oops sorry for the triple post..it doesnt tell you when your comment was succesfully posted :(

    23-Jan-09 02:53 AM

    WRK Rigon    Said...

    Sounds great, i missed out on Atmosphere a while back (should have picked it up), Definatley gonna get this one. Any one know the size of the install, looks like it could be big?

    23-Jan-09 08:12 AM

    Nick B    Said...

    I think its somewhere in the region of 50GB

    23-Jan-09 09:28 AM

    Nick B    Said...

    Actually, I dont know how much the additional free library is, but I guess it must be more...

    23-Jan-09 09:38 AM

    phraggle    Said...

    It's a free update - there's no new sample content, they're just adding more patches that use the existing sample content. (Actually, he mentions that it's free at the very end of the vid).

    23-Jan-09 09:05 PM

    phraggle    Said...

    Oh crap, sorry - misunderstood. The size of the update? Probably relatively small - the original install for Omnisphere is approx 35 GB if I recall correctly. I know it took me about 5 hours to install it on my old P4 3.4GHz machine... :-(

    23-Jan-09 09:07 PM

    Anomoly    Said...

    Incredible! NOt only is omnisphere 2 great and getting better and better... but SOnic State records and edits it together to give the best demos of sound -

    You guys are awesome

    24-Jan-09 01:31 PM

    hiltonius    Said...

    great sound! excellent demo!

    26-Jan-09 08:16 AM

    spectrum    Said...

    Thanks for the kind words everyone. :-)

    The new sounds are available NOW.



    26-Jan-09 08:05 PM

    Leo    Said...

    Omnisphere sound awesome I'm definitely gonna get it. Also, nice chord progression at the end Spectrum ;)

    27-Jan-09 07:53 AM

    blowbyte    Said...

    hey guys how big is that omnisph.... 1.0.3 update ??

    28-Jan-09 06:20 AM

    Eepica    Said...

    This synth is winner of sounds, amazing!!

    02-Feb-09 05:03 AM

    S R Dhain    Said...

    I was about to earmark it for potential purchase, but then i had a read of spectrasonics' terms and conditions regarding useage etc. As a scorer and producer, im a bit confused by some of the stuff in there, such as its fine to use in projects, provided the projects are sold to non musicians, no multitrack distribution etc. There's some strange stuff on remixing as well...interesting.


    04-Feb-09 01:25 PM

    spectrauser    Said...

    I wouldn't be overly concerned about the terms of use. Spectrasonics policy is actually far more generous than most in terms of usage and broad rights - which is why these instruments are so widely used in thousands of productions by the top professional composers and remixers around. Take a look a few of Spectrasonics users:


    I would suggest that if you have specific questions or concerns about a particular type of usage, contact Spectrasonics directly to find out the info:


    I think you'll find that most types of use are no problem at all.

    11-Feb-09 04:17 AM

    Benedict Johnson    Said...

    Wanna hear something that really misses the point..!

    Great demo. I like the sounds which are real-sounding and I like the purely synthesized sounds - but I think they just sound tacky mixed together. Not all of them, just the ones which aren't clearly one or the other. I'm probably the only person on the planet who thinks this and it's coming from someone who hasn't actually played it himself.

    You can't deny that there's some exciting and original sampling at large on Omnisphere. I wish a multi-sample libraries of all the unusual bespoke instruments and recording techniques were available; as do I wish the "steam engine" without sample integration could be bought separately (and cheaply) with all the effects. I also wish I was a bit thinner and weekends could be a bit longer.

    05-Apr-09 10:09 AM

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