WNAMM09: Roland V-Piano Behind Closed Doors

We got an exclusive first look at this new modeled piano technology      23/01/09

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10:2 mins
Lots of people were speaking in hushed tones about this particular new release and by all accounts, with good reason. This new piano features a totally physically modeled piano with no samples at all. Allowing all kinds of modifications to the piano build and tuning it can bring subtle (or not) new tones to the pianists sound palette. Up to now, to change the piano sound to suit your taste, you'd have to either change the setup of a physical piano, then either use that or sample it – time consuming processes whichever way you look at it. With the new V-Piano, you can do all sorts of things with the strings, the hammers and resonance etc.
    Roland V-Piano Hi-Resolution Audio (48kHz/16bit)
  1. Low note decay test
  2. Riffing with standard preset
  3. Tuning and detuning
  4. Sweet-spot tuning
  5. Hammer soft/hardening
  6. Resonance
  7. Silver strings
Some stuff from the PR:
"The V-Piano's sounds include both "Vintage" and "Vanguard" pianos. The vintage tones faithfully reproduce the sound of contemporary pianos and famous vintage pianos, while the vanguard tones allow users to create never-before-heard tones, going beyond previous physical restrictions of acoustic pianos related to the type and number of strings" No pricing or availability information just yet.

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hans Scheffler    Said...

Great job John!

24-Jan-09 01:41 AM

RedWalks    Said...

Thx Andy,

for getting the top secret look on this incredible machine and for insisting on entry to the holy roland grail... Absolute stunning keyboard performance John (where is the bartender if you need him) - this is how a well structured promotion should look like !!!

24-Jan-09 11:03 AM

Anomoly    Said...

It looks awesome... i wonder how long before it's worked into the next flagship synth - and cost?

24-Jan-09 12:58 PM

Steve Boker    Said...

OK. That's a wow. The only wow I've seen at NAMM this year. Thanks.

24-Jan-09 01:57 PM

huigui    Said...

Very nice demo. Thanks to Roland & SS for this preview. Okay.

24-Jan-09 08:17 PM


I'm convinced, definatly the best thing to come out of NAMM this year. Hopefully we'll start seeing more piano's and instrument's like this as now it really is possible to do it right.

24-Jan-09 10:44 PM

Justin    Said...

When he's demoing the string resonance function, what is the name of the piece he's playing. I've been trying to find that out for a stupid long time now.

25-Jan-09 11:20 AM

The Guvnor    Said...

Simply fantastic. It's incredible to believe that a piano sound as good as this is all done with a physical model. Hopefully within a couple of years, the technology will be available in virtual instrument form from Roland. Well... we can dream of getting rid of another 100 gig or so of sampled piano hard drive space.

25-Jan-09 09:59 PM

hiltonius    Said...

wow! i want one!

26-Jan-09 07:44 AM

Sebastian    Said...

That's Rachmaninoff c-sharp major etude or prelude or something.

27-Jan-09 11:14 AM

Ron-E    Said...

What an accomplishment from Roland since their breakthrough SA synthesis piano in the 80's! It sounds fantastic, and as mentioned by 'Guvnor', this will be something I'm going for when it is virtualized!

02-Feb-09 06:56 PM

Jrcel    Said...

I have a sampled piano with no looping, Emu Studio Grand. These demonstration guys really need to learn what's out there before they say something stupid like that. Embarrassing.

05-Feb-09 01:01 PM

paulstobart    Said...

I'm looking forward to playing a digital piano with tonal and expressive qualities to match or even beat some of the better accoustic pianos.I hope this is the one.

05-Feb-09 03:16 PM

RolandJohn    Said...

Hi All – John Maul here from Roland

Thanks for your comments – it has been an exciting time for us in Roland. I look forward to V-piano going out into the market.

‘Jrcel’ , thanks for pointing out the EMU studio grand . With Sonic State there’s rarely time for scripts or editing – it’s a ‘one time only’ record. So occasionally we demonstrators may get a little tongue-tied, apologies. However I believe I did say ‘typical sampled piano’ when talking about the looping feature. Perhaps it’s fair to assume a sampled piano with out looping is not ‘typical’ ?

But needless to say, always grateful for your contribution

Many thanks


09-Feb-09 06:00 AM

Morris Minor    Said...

Who is that guy? I've seen him on Crimewatch I think?

27-Feb-09 04:45 PM

FIZMO100    Said...

Brilliant demonstration, and a very very interesting looking instrument. I'm a bit apprehensive about trying one out, because it could well end up costing me money!

03-Mar-09 08:59 AM

Fat Bob    Said...



25-Mar-09 05:29 PM

Jeffrey Medelberg    Said...

The resonance piece was Rachmaninoff's The Bells of Kiev, or Great gates of Kiev. It is C-sharp prelude. (He became very sick of performint it)

10-Jun-09 11:39 AM

steve    Said...

really good demo that show tuning possible on the screen. everyone would buy one but it cost 68 000 skr so didn´t want to sell ?

05-Oct-09 11:07 PM

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