WNAMM09: Spectrasonics Time Designer For RMX

Change Time Signatures In Realtime      23/01/09

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11:54 mins
Eric Persing gives us an exclusive look at the astounding new features of the Stylus RMX 1.7 update.

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robgs    Said...

now that is seriously impressive...

23-Jan-09 08:24 AM

Dj Sean Sax    Said...

The update is free? I swear, Stylus has to be one of the best investments I've ever made regarding producing music. Can't wait to download this upgrade!

23-Jan-09 10:27 AM

abdel    Said...

do these guys at spectrasonics get any sleep? man, that's some serious achievement. kudos to eric persin and company!

23-Jan-09 10:28 AM

WRK Rigon    Said...

Seriously very very cool

24-Jan-09 07:53 AM

huigui    Said...


24-Jan-09 05:53 PM

puffer    Said...

Can Spectrosonics *not* oversell a product. A little humility, guys. That said, Time Designer looks very cool.

Also, SS tech guys - you're videos are timing out about halfway through for me. Firefox/Vista. I haven't seen the end of an SS video in a couple of weeks now.

25-Jan-09 08:09 AM

Nick B    Said...

Really? Can you tell me what flash version you are on?

26-Jan-09 03:44 AM

hiltonius    Said...

incredible! must have.....

26-Jan-09 08:25 AM

xulid    Said...

Every time I see a vid of Eric I just want to hug him. I mean that in a completely heterosexual way.

26-Jan-09 12:50 PM

James Asher    Said...

Credit where it`s due. Spectrasonics are seriously kicking butt now. Being driven by the real enthusiasm for music they have is a great starting point. Their series of innovations is amazing, especially RMX 1.7`S ability to change time signature and apply groovelock. Roll on March 2nd!Also the 2000 new patches for Omnisphere released on 26/1/09 are superb.

30-Jan-09 12:56 AM

duvalle    Said...

For FREE!! WOW!! You got to love spectrasonics!!

10-Feb-09 04:53 PM

frankjonez.com    Said...

Make sure you watch the whole video - or you'll miss something that you don't want to miss! Great products, great company, great support... no wonder they are successful! Can't wait for the update!!!

11-Feb-09 10:18 AM


It's even better to play on for a couple of hours.

10-Mar-09 09:17 PM

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