WNAMM09: Front End For Computer Recording Systems

SM Pro Audio release the IN5E      26/01/09

WNAMM09: Front End For Computer Recording Systems

SM Pro Audio have launched the IN5E which they describe as the perfect front-end for PC based hard disk recording systems. Here's what they have to say about it in their press release...
The IN5E is a single RU mixer/audio interface designed to provide all the necessary connectivity, monitoring, and mixing hardware requirements in a single device for connection to PC/Mac computer based recording systems.
Building on the success of the original IN5, the IN5E has been updated to include SM Pro Audio's E-series microphone pre-amplifiers, USB audio interface I/O module, and the TST3 Cat5 mic/line input extender connector.
Connect a range of analog signals from microphones, turn-tables, keyboards, samplers, and even portable audio products with mini jack sockets. With all connections covered, the IN5E helps to minimize the need for additional peripherals such as phono pre-amps, socket converters, or other devices.
  • 3 x E-series Microphone Pre-amplifiers with phantom power
  • 1 x Turn-table, CD or phono input with switchable RIAA EQ and level controls
  • 2 x Stereo line inputs
  • 3 x Insert points
  • 2 x Headphone monitoring amplifiers
  • 1 x TST3 Cat5 mic/line input extender
  • 1 x USB audio interface I/O module (PC and MAC)
  • 1 x 24bit / 48khz AD/DA converter
Dual Bus Mixer
Each channel on the IN5E can be switched and routed to a monitor or recording output pair and of course to the USB port. Perfect for eliminating latency when tracking recordings directly to your PC, this special "Direct Recording Mode" enables the user to have certain inputs monitored only, and others sent to your "record outs" with high quality analog fidelity. It really is as easy as pressing a button!
TST3-Connection – NEW
The TST3 Cat5 connector socket on the rear of the IN5E offers compatibility with Violet Audio's TST3 mic/line input extender unit. The TST3 is a wall mountable audio input connector plate that accepts up to three (3) x combo audio input connectors and delivers the signal via standard Cat5 to compatible receiver units.
All housed in an external chassis, the IN5E is shielded from any stray electrical interference. Robust connectors are provided for all inputs and outputs.
When Brett Kingman (Product Manager) from SM Pro Audio was asked about the new IN5E he said, "It's unlikely there is a better value and more versatile audio interface on the market today."
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