WNAMM09: Yamaha Tyros 3 Demo

Not new, but why not ?      26/01/09

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The Yamaha Tyros 3 arranger keyboard really got pulses racing in the arranger keyboard market when it was released last year. Due in part to it's Super Articulation voices which bring a new level of realism and expression. Apparently, there are more voices coming soon, some of which are going to be Super Articulation ones. Peter Baartmans kindly gave me a tour of some of it's features. Available now

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selercs    Said...

very cool...yamaha is the leader in sampling romplers now, though i wish they would go back to their expertise - physical modeling and FM (they made the world's 1st physical modeling synth - VL1 and the 1st FM synth - DX7).

26-Jan-09 09:59 PM

BobSimmons    Said...

This has to be the most authentic sounding "ROMpler" I've ever heard! It's also a bit of a luxury indulgence, a $3000 toy.

Regarding Yamaha's classic synths - the head honchos in Yamaha's HQ in Japan probably don't see that as a field on which to expand on, unfortunately...I think they think it's of the "past" and they want to be in the "future".

30-Jan-09 04:32 PM

Tyros 3 owner    Said...

Great sounding instrument, but Yamaha should have spent far more time with regards to the way the T3's styles parts are set at default. It seems as though they are all set up to make the most out of the basic MS02 speakers, so if you don't use these, you are in for alot of tweaking, saving to new user styles and registrations. Many styles either drown the right hand parts out, or are not loud enough, others sound like they're caked in reverb and very muddy, but it's nothing you can't sort out. Compared to the Tyros 2 it is not as good out of the box, but if you are into tweaking it is one fine arranger. I purchased one anyway :) Tyros 4 wish, do a better job with the styles, implement Cubase into the machine as the sequencer/audio recorder, improve sampling (Akai format support) and loading times such as streaming from hard drive.

03-Apr-09 09:10 AM

Voyager 2009    Said...

sounds really good, i might have to save up for one of these instruments

03-Aug-09 11:28 AM

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