WNAMM09: Beat Kangz Beat Thang Brand New Beat Machine

Straight Outta Nashville      27/01/09

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7:9 mins
Not often you see a new drum machine, especially from an independent company, and not usually one with so many features. Still in prototype stage and under development the Beat Thang is the lovechild of Beat Kangz Electronics - a collective of producers and artists fronted by AJA Emanuel (not Emamuel – gotta love NAMM badge spelling) "who understand both the technology and the needs of the urban and dance music community".
  • Sampling with onboard waveform editing
  • Over 3000 Blazin' Brand new sounds designed by The Beat Kangz
  • 16 Track MIDI sequencer
  • 500 production ready Platinum beats and loops created by The Beat Kangz
  • Sleek design and styling with customizable "Paintz" and "Grillz"
  • Convenient, light-weight portable design with internal rechargable battery
  • USB In & Out
  • Pitch and Mod Wheels
  • On Board FX including Reverb, Delay, Automated Filters and tons of Crazy "Freak FX" including "Chopped and Screwed"!!!!
  • On Board "Mo Bang" Mastering with EQ and Limiting
  • 256 MB Ram standard
  • 2 High Speed SD Card Slots
  • Export Beats to a Mac or PC
  • Very Easy to USE!!! More top Secret Features and Surprises that we dont want our sleezy, thieving corporate competitors to know.... but we'll tell ya soon!
Not sure when this will be available, but keep up to date over at

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Squeak    Said...

Rumor has it that since Beat Kangz's team up with Zoom for the SB-246 was so popular that this new machine is "rumored" again to be backed by Zoom/Samsontec... Can anyone confirm this????

27-Jan-09 08:04 AM

wehyoPn    Said...

Custom grills? "we got congas, we got strings!" zzzzzz.

27-Jan-09 09:38 AM

fizmo    Said...

that is actually fairly "dope"

27-Jan-09 11:22 AM

Brian from USA    Said...

Streaming up to 64GB of samples? Sign me up! Now if they actually deliver it at a price below $1000.

27-Jan-09 11:34 AM



27-Jan-09 02:17 PM

Smoot    Said...

Toys R us??? How is that? it blows away an MPC 1000 and 2500 and has more ram than a 5000...... So should those be in Toys r us too?? My mp will be on ebay as soon as i can figure out when this thing will be shipping!!

27-Jan-09 02:48 PM

Sceptic    Said...

It sure does promise a lot but as yet these features are prefixed by "will" and not yet does. I really hope it all comes to fruition but ideas are easy to talk about but pretty hard to turn into the finished thing, or rather 'Thang'. Good luck to em but let's wait and see...

27-Jan-09 03:09 PM

dizzy    Said...

crazy reaction to this "thang". never seen anything like this in the world of gear nerds before. google the beatkangz and you get some people going a little crazy over this, it's quite funny. they seem to have hit a nerve in a big way, lol.

27-Jan-09 03:21 PM

JAZZer    Said...

Ummm did you actually watch the video? Didnt he say 100% indy company? Why would he say that if they were with zoom? The machine looks dope i want it!

27-Jan-09 03:57 PM

Jesse    Said...

If they really will deliver that box, I will get two.

27-Jan-09 07:23 PM

Dolphono    Said...

KOOL! the pad lay out remind me of Ensoniq's ASR-X and Korg's Electribe series beat sequencers.

27-Jan-09 07:28 PM

selercs    Said...

lol...this product is indeed aimed for rappers and hip hoppers, but i don't see how it will not help artists in the electronic, rock and other genres! the script design 'beat kangz' looks a bit cheesy like dave smith or roger linn products instead of pro japanese script like 'roland' or 'akai'. but script aside, this does look promising: pitch bend over a range of 88 notes. usually korg has 24 and roland has 48, unless you do portamento/transpose together.

27-Jan-09 09:08 PM

don hertzfeild    Said...

i think the product looks pretty good i dont understand the usb in and out. I must say the guys who have been pushing this thing have done a terrible job of pushing it. Going on forums and insulting and accusing the members of being haters and spys for other companies. Lets not forget the plants they have been sending out to forums it makes them seem pretty darn insane and not in a good way.

27-Jan-09 09:43 PM

danny polota    Said...

i think the product looks pretty good i dont understand the usb in and out. I must say the guys who have been pushing this thing have done a terrible job of pushing it. Going on forums and insulting and accusing the members of being haters and spys for other companies. Lets not forget the plants they have been sending out to forums it makes them seem pretty darn insane and not in a good way.

27-Jan-09 09:43 PM

dom hertzfeild    Said...

i think the product looks pretty good i dont understand the usb in and out. I must say the guys who have been pushing this thing have done a terrible job of pushing it. Going on forums and insulting and accusing the members of being haters and spys for other companies. Lets not forget the plants they have been sending out to forums it makes them seem pretty darn insane and not in a good way.

27-Jan-09 09:44 PM

dom cammldea    Said...

i think the product looks pretty good i dont understand the usb in and out. I must say the guys who have been pushing this thing have done a terrible job of pushing it. Going on forums and insulting and accusing the members of being haters and spys for other companies. Lets not forget the plants they have been sending out to forums it makes them seem pretty darn insane and not in a good way.

27-Jan-09 09:45 PM

Nathan    Said...

Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see an independent company make a killing with an innovative product but their approach is horrible. Horrible "street/hip hop" marketing (custom grillz? Beat Kangs? Beat Thang? Are you kidding me?), and the design is fugly. Looks like a bad toy.

Too many promises for interesting features, but their credibility level is well below the zero level. Can't take them seriously. I REALLY hope they prove me wrong though.

27-Jan-09 09:53 PM

Formula 409 Soul    Said...

I Believe in evolution,I think the machine is a Wonderful idea. It fits with what the people have been waiting for.I was @ N.A.M.M. I was most impressed with your booth, your marketing statogees, and the beat Thang New Street Machine. Play on Beat-Kangz!

28-Jan-09 01:14 AM

BAM!BAM!    Said...

"You Can't Stop What can't be Stopped HaTeRs". Because We are the future! yEs We Will! I Got To HaVe A BeAt ThAnG In My StUdIo

28-Jan-09 01:22 AM


Zoommer zoom Zoom on ya BEAT Thang TooLs, not! I See Who's about to shake things up and i want in my beat kang friends. Let us know when its ready. Want to be one of the first ones on the list to get two maybe three I GOT PEOPLES!

28-Jan-09 01:34 AM

Yamaha Corp    Said...

The first drum machine with pitchand mod wheels ...... I think not !!!! how about the Yamaha RY30 ???? they need to get their facts right !!!

28-Jan-09 02:44 AM

The Guvnor    Said...

Product looks awesome. Tons of good features to it. The casing bling is an interesting concept rather than going with the flow of the normal bland silver or black boxes. The marketing on the website too is in step with what the product is about and well designed.

The only thing that turns me off is AJA & COs screaming & over the top antics which sadly are offputting. If he toned it down a bit I'm sure it will be a winner!! Go for it lads!

28-Jan-09 09:41 AM

Socrates    Said...

This is just some logic, but help me out if my logic is wrong.

1. If a high quality, digital harmonizer costs between $2000 and $7000, then what quality level are the effects going to be that are built into the box? Even good VST reverb, chorus, compression and limiting modules are often bundled together for around $800. There are a reason the good synths have limited effect capacities. 2. Why would I want my keys laid out as such? Ergonomically, that is not any easier to play than an MPC or an Electribe. If you are going to do something inovative, give me two pad banks of 7 on the left and right side of the screen with some Q links surrounding them. Make the pads lay out as a "finger drummer" would prefer. 3. Why would you limit yourself to the hip hop market? Haven't you learned from products like the Mo-Phat? I want a product that says something like "Nashville's Finest" or "USBEATZ" ... something that sounds proffessional like they are... not BeatThangz... Its like how dumb an idea it was for Dave Smith and Roger Lynn to call their ish "BoomChick"

The machine design is what it is...just spruce up its image and focus on doing a few things REALLY well not a lot of things poorly.

If you put strong enough DSP into the box you can forever expand on its capacity.

I'd still rather own a Spectralis or an MPC or the LinnDrumII when it comes out.

This is too fake... Make it real. Come across real. Come across professional, then you will have our ears.

28-Jan-09 10:59 AM

Studio1    Said...

MPC Killer???They better deliver in a huge way.If not,it will be called the Cheap Thang.

29-Jan-09 07:39 AM

Collin    Said...

This looks like the kind of modernized devices we should be seeing right now. If something's going to compete with computer software setups, it must have specs like this... massive memory, ability to stream from said memory, and a lot of computer connectivity.

The presentation of this thing just blows my mind though "Custom grilz" lol Maybe the president of this company should come back when they make an industrial themed version of this and wear some steam-punk outfit.

29-Jan-09 05:17 PM

selercs    Said...

Memory, PB range and other features look promising, but I agree about the marketing: this thuggish approach will put many people off, even Hip-hoppers with a modern look, who don't wanna look thuggy.

Also, American companies should realize from their failures that it doesn't hurt to imitate Japanese design. Most of Japanese products (Korg/Roland/Yamaha/Akai/Tascam/Technics) have totally professional design and quality.

Making some cheap sounding crap like 'Beat Thang' or 'Boom Chik' (Roger Linn / Dave Smith) with a toyish looking script and crappy looking design won't let anyone take it seriously.

But the Soulja Boy or Aja Boy or whatever his name is need to stop acting like amateur and act a bit more professional and stop hating on other companies that had these concepts way before him.

Respect and innovate, that will get you far!

29-Jan-09 08:49 PM

selercs    Said...

Ok, here are some amateurish comments made by the President of Beat Kangz:

* More top Secret Features and Surprises that we dont want our sleezy, thieving corporate competitors to know.... but we'll tell ya soon!

Ok, boy, get the spelling right! Its 'sleazy', not 'sleezy'.

"I Challenge any and all Presidents of our competition to a beat making battle. I'm ready any time if you got the ballz to battle a KANG!!! " AJA Emmanuel, President, Beat Kangz Electronics

Damn, are you selling crack or a beat machine for pros and serious hobbyists? Show some respect and grow up.

If you want anybody to take your company seriously, it comes with gracious attitude and good designs, not just unlimited features and thuggish attitude.

29-Jan-09 10:17 PM

selercs    Said...

here's a shocking thing i found on youtube... watch?v=iZHJxlSE3MQ titled: "Beat Kangz BEAT THANG Tha Jeremiah Wright of Beat Machines".

that is so sick..jeremiah wright is a black supremacist and has associations with NOI, etc.

i understand that blacks have suffered from white terrorists in the past, but past is past...why this race baiting?

i mean, i am a white bloke and i would love to support a black company, but not when blacks act like this!!!

what if dave smith or roger linn said 'white pride' when selling their product? (roger linn primarily designed the MPC). then there would be no rap/hip hop today.

seriously, your machine has good potential, but this marketing is making me sick...you need to find professionals who can market for you!

having worked in sales, just another hint: always diversify and broaden your user base with your designs, not narrow it to hip hoppers and rappers. i mean, you can market it PRIMIARILY to hip hoppers and rappers but also there is a thing such as secondary marketing.

after i saw the youtube video, i won't be buying your product! sorry! we need racial unity, not division

02-Feb-09 06:34 PM

European    Said...

Why not call it simply "THE BLAKKK BOXXX"?

Jesus, how bad marketing!

Nice MPC thou, nice features. But I will not be buying and supporting people who act like that and are disrespectful.

As a customer, I really do not care what color the skin of the designer was. That's a racist company!

05-Feb-09 08:49 PM

Romxero    Said...

These brothers are a little bit country I know, but this thing really actually doesn't seem that bad! Youtube this:


I guess this is what they were doing in the hotel room.

08-Feb-09 03:51 AM

TekLords    Said...

First of all if these guys want someone to take them serious they need to stop acting like thug clowns.As a producer i need to know the specs,street price , and who's gonna provide service.Last time i looked i didn't seee any black owned chip or board makers or DAC and DSP chip makers.Bringing feraking moc ups to a NAMM show first time out the box.If Barringer or some other company beats them to the market with a simmilar product then guess who's f@#!#d ? Whats the distabution chain? Will these things just magicaly show up on our door mixing desk? Will JO-Jo- be selling them out the back of his LO-LO.Please the thing is vaporware i've been around long enough to know the smell.Bull shit!!!

09-Feb-09 12:41 PM

selercs    Said...

I agree about the chip-makers...most of the chip manufacturers are owned by whites here in the US, except for SUN Microsystems, which was co-founded by an Indian immigrant (from India), and the father of Intel Pentium processor was Vinod Dham (an Indian immigrant working for Intel). Japanese corporations also make a lot of DSP and VLSI chips - Yamaha, Roland, Korg. Who cares which individual makes them, just respect each other...

Ok, another example for AJA Emmanuel: If Nashville Guitars (a fictitious redneck-owned company) sold guitars geared exclusively towards a white audience, then we won't have Jimi Hendrix, B B King and other greats of today.

Racial play (on either sides of the aisle) should be restricted for trashy people - eg: Biker boys and gals who look for a 'white couple' for sex on craigslist, not for any decent, broad-minded soul.

Ghetto or trailer - they both piss me off.

09-Feb-09 09:47 PM

James    Said...

Seems Like the people making this racial are YOU. Jeremiah Wright is not a black supremacist!! He is about unity! it was the state run media who made him out to be that! He's about unity and if you took the time to listen to all of what he said instead of just the sound bites you would know that.....

I think it is great what these guys are doing and i love the marketing! I'm white and am going to buy this product as soon as it comes out!!! It's hot and refreshing and am glad it's pissing off all of you stiff up tight jerks who have nothing better to do than hate......

Peace to the Beat Kangz. Shake things up guys and go for it.

What ever they say about your marketing..... Well at least they are talking! Seems like you guys have the viral thing down.... I mean Thang!!!

17-Feb-09 11:37 PM

james    Said...

One more thing. I think the point of the jeremiah wright post was to make a statement about how much commotion this product has cause but not about Race! It also says Obama Thang. I checked out thier site and it looks like they have whites blacks and all kinds of people working for their company.......

People shouldnt have to conform to what you think they should be.... I hope they piss you off more!

These guys are exciting!! Cant wait to see what they do next!

17-Feb-09 11:42 PM

E,JAY STUDIO    Said...

al the best kings love ya product want to know the price for uk il shot my mpc in a sec as soon as this is out

22-Feb-09 03:00 PM

Jacques    Said...

looks like something fisher price would build, lol

12-Mar-09 04:09 PM

PhunkLo    Said...

Right on James. I think it's B.S. how all these haters come out against the Kangz. The specs are dope. I'm white, and I don't see the "racism". I have an Sb-246, and it sounds dope. And I think the styling is cool on the Beatthang. You tight ass nerds need to shut the F*^K up and quit bashing people who try to be different. If you think you can do it better then show us the drum machine you designed. Where's your link? You ain't got one cause all you do is sit on the computer all day and bitch about other people's work. Pathetic. Geeks get a life. Kangz rock On!

07-Apr-09 09:08 AM

Whiz    Said...

I don't know why everyone is trippin when none of us have made beat number 1 on this joint yet! So the F**K what it don't look like a japanese produced product. Maybe...that's because......IT'S NOT A JAPANESE PRODUCED PRODUCT!

Don't get me wrong, I really don't see the need for grillz or spinners or whateva da f**K on my production center, BUT! this "Beat Thang" $h!t seems to talk the talk, in function, for real; honestly more like SCREAM the talk. At that end who the F**K cares about form or what it looks like? I'll make a beat with a snorkel, an umbrella, and an avacado so long as the snares crack hard as hell, lol!

At the end of the day, I think we owe it to an american product to actually wait and see if it indeed walks the walk. If the shit is a dope functional product like the specs read, then who really cares if it looks like a custom civic that still only has 90 hp under the hood.

11-May-09 10:14 AM

SoundsAndGear.com    Said...

Yo, this joint is looking ill, spec wise. I'm not all that excited about the marketing, but I understand it. I see what they are trying to do, I think they will go broader eventually.

I use an mpc 4000, and this thing looks like it can compete feature wise, and it's portaable. It won't replace my mpc at all...but it will be a nice addition.

The memory and SD card feature is pretty nice, the chromatic keys makes it more than just a drum machine, so you can actually lay down melodies.

It does remind me of the ASRX only vastly updated. The real question is will the sequencer be nice, I hope so.

Everything else looks decent on paper, we'll just have to wait and see.

20-May-09 02:08 PM

Jack    Said...

Well if it sounds good , and does what they say im in.. but the look of it sux.

16-Jul-09 12:27 PM

syr    Said...

It dose in fact look like it should be in Toys R Us from a design pint of view but that is prospective. Low riders look silly to some but I kinda like em as a novelty but not my music gear. Great bells in whistles but you know Roland is cooking up a new dish and I cant wait for the new linn machine but at the price point and based on features I would buy one of these if I had not had the chance to see how it is being represented. Simply put I hate Roland as company but I buy some of the gear now and then but really Kangz you not coming across as anything other they what you present your self as and it aint all that ya know. Spot what if Roger shouted white power Linn drum its dope I would not buy hie machine for the same reason that I will not buy yours how ever I am buying his machine the day it comes out. Sorry Kangz

17-Aug-09 10:58 PM


i hope for the record beat kangz you con produce this beat machine for under 600 then you will be the jedi master ps loved that streetbox the new joint blows it and most others away.would like to distribute and endorse email me at masaun131@yahoo.com for updates

29-Jan-10 02:37 PM

ajaqs 602 5    Said...

the beat htang virtual isdope. Can't wait for the real beat thang machine to drop so I can grab one. There are so many people hating on this product.. The only thing I can think is that these haters work for akai, roger lynn, or something. The other group of haters seem to be jealous like they got something against aja or beat thang... BEAT KANGS LISTEN UP... START WORKING ON A NEW MACHINE CALLED THE "FUCK WHAT YOU THANK" MARKET IT TO THE BEAT THANG HATERS 1.

19-Jun-10 02:24 PM

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