WNAMM09: M-Audio Axiom Pro Wows ProTools User

Integration with ProTools, MIDI and Qwerty commands sent      27/01/09

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6:49 mins
The M-Audio Axiom range has had a facelift and a brain transplant and come out as the Axiom Pro. Tim Chandler the product developer, is keen to spread the word, the stuff it's got going on under the hood is actually pretty revolutionary for a MIDI controller keyboard. One key hardware change is the addition of a 9th fader for controling the master level which is jolly useful. The new brain adds something called Hyper Control which now allows bi-directional communication between ProTools - which means, track-names in the LCD, values reflected when changed in software or hardware, plugin editing, sends, pan, level, mute solo, etc etc. Sort of like Novation's Automap, but with deeper integration with ProTools. But the real doody is that it can be programmed to transmit ASCII commands - that is keystrokes and modifiers (shift, control, command etc). So you can use it to open/close windows, and pretty much anything you can do on the keyboard. Phil Jackson, Digidesign's hot shot ProTools demonstrator (he's arguably the best), says for him it's the product of the show, he completed his 35 minute Pro Tools 8 demo (if you can, go see him do it) without touching his QWERTY keyboard once, just using the mouse and the Axiom Pro. Axiom Pro 49 $599.95 shipping now, Axiom Pro 61 $699.95 within 6 weeks or so. Nick Batt

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Brian N    Said...

Very cool, but not terribly intuitive. It seems like one would spend a lot of time referencing the shortcuts list.

27-Jan-09 10:14 AM

Philo Beddoe    Said...

Being no stranger to keyboards,but being brand new to midi controllers...I find the key action to be especially critical to my work,since I am seeking a solid-full size feel in a compact size. That being said,I would like a comprehensive demo on the particular quality of the key action on the new Pro series,as there is no mention of this in this video.

27-Jan-09 11:25 AM

Koshdukai    Said...

"the addition of a 9th fader" huh?

M-Audio Axiom 61 and 49 already had 9 faders (and buttons) :)

(I own the Axiom 61, and yeah, I usually use the 9th for master volume)

28-Jan-09 05:24 AM

Bio    Said...

Now.. If protools was built into the keyboard!

28-Jan-09 11:29 AM

What'sthehype    Said...

...and why not have a mousepad on the Axiom pro. I mean, isen't it a bit silly, that you have to use the laptopmouse,- you might as well be using that qwerty keyboard too anyway??

29-Jan-09 11:49 AM

flux302    Said...

is it just me or are midi controller prices just ridiculous? I mean do you really think a midi controller should run 400+ dollars and is mostly plastic and holds very few pcb components? really just because they updated the firmware and paint it white they think I'm gonna spend that much??? ugh

21-Feb-09 08:19 AM

Desh    Said...

what is this the Stanley Kubrick addition..why not black, as long as it works right?

02-Oct-09 05:28 AM

Jenelle    Said...

Hey hey hey, take a ganedr at what' you've done

18-Sep-11 08:24 AM

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