WNAMM09: Polyphonic Aftertouch In a Folding Keyboard

VAX77 Infinite Response 76 key MIDI controller      29/01/09

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4:26 mins
At 29lbs, this magnesium built 77 key keyboard comes in 5 colours, 6 keyweights, and features polyphonic aftertouch and super sensitive key scanning. AND, it folds in half and can be taken on board an airplane as carry on – all these years that guitarists get to book a seat for their beloved instruments, well now the keyboard player can too. Available in May the VAX features a colour touch screen and a special 77th key for switching patches amongst many other features. At $2650 it's not a snip, but it's the only current keyboard with poly aftertouch and comes with the carry case.

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eric    Said...

wow, somebody made a non-88-note keyboard with a sane bottom note, instead of the E we've been stuck with since the original rhodes....

but it should have folded from the top, to protect the keys in transit....

29-Jan-09 10:21 PM

the dude    Said...

$2650 buys a lot of crack which is what this guy must be smoking to think someone will spend that much on a midi controller!

30-Jan-09 02:18 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Impressive piece of gear, especially because of the polyphonic aftertouch which is a bit unique these days... I'm wondering though about those keys at the folding point which seem very much exposed and in danger of being broken off in transport. Like Eric said, it would maybe have been better to have it fold along the top (or be split in two halves, with clip-on sides so you can have a full keyboard or two small ones?).

30-Jan-09 03:42 AM

ocb    Said...

I always thought this thing was a hoax... I hope it has release velocity as well

30-Jan-09 06:44 AM

Peter K.    Said...

Looks cool. I've always wanted to have a keyboard with polyphonic aftertouch. Rather pricey for a midi controller, but it sounds like it's going to be a way more serious machine than some plastic M-Audio thing...

06-Feb-09 01:25 AM

Ronsworth    Said...

The Thing looks beautiful and the features and specs sound impressive. I'm wondering if there is going to be an 88-note model.

07-Apr-09 09:53 PM

gridsleep    Said...

Did Digital Equipment Corporation have anything to say about the name? :)

02-Sep-12 04:03 PM

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