WNAMM09: V-Piano Soundfiles Uploaded

44.1 16-bit for your listening pleasure.      02/02/09
Since we put the exclusive demo of the V-Piano on line from NAMM where we were ushered into a private room to see the new keyboard, we've had several requests to post higher resolution audio files of the session. Thanks to the marvel of modern technology, we did record them to a separate stereo recorder and have indeed now posted them at 48kHz/16-bit for you. Once again, thanks to John Maul for the great demo and Sean and Amanda from Roland for making this possible. Here they are (taken from the stereo output of the soundsource):
    Roland V-Piano Hi-Resolution Audio (48kHz/16bit)
  1. Low note decay test
  2. Riffing with standard preset
  3. Tuning and detuning
  4. Sweet-spot tuning
  5. Hammer soft/hardening
  6. Resonance
  7. Silver strings
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Steve Hickman    Said...

Am I the only person that thinks it sounds very "thin"? Like a decent sounding piano with a HPF at 500Hz? If the V-Piano were a plugin, I think I'd prefer the sound of the $59 UVI Acoustic Piano.

03-Feb-09 01:09 PM

The Guvnor    Said...

I initially thought this thing was awesome based on watching the video.

Listening to the thing closer & in higher res, I do see what Mark Tinley was referring to in last weeks Podcast about it having a 'metallic sound'.

Its a little too perfect, just like the original analog synth emulation VSTi when they first appeared.

A good model piano needs to take into account how the actual piano mechanism sound varies from note to note as it wears & interacts (not just the actual string), and how repeating a note before its sound has totally decayed causes subtle timbral shifts & harmonic interactions. I don't think Roland have it nailed yet, but its getting pretty close.

03-Feb-09 07:49 PM

CM    Said...

Thanks for the sound files, but the "Silver strings" link doesn't seem to be working.

21-Feb-09 09:30 PM

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