WNAMM09: Mellotron Remake - Fully Mechanical

Mellotron expert Marcus Resch will do it      03/02/09

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It almost seems willfully obstinate to make something which, although can be attributed with the sound of an era and made such a big impact on the way music can be played live or in the studio, also is incredibly complex and extremely difficult to move around. Well some people just don't care about that - they want the real thing no expense spared, and bearing in mind that the classic Mellotron is getting pretty long in the tooth and hard to keep going - in age terms it's probably past the sprightly pensioner and into the realms of complete memory loss and incontinence.... so I guess you don't have much choice but to make them from scratch. To the rescue Marcus Resch - he's been servicing and modifying these rare beasts for some time and now will actually make you a reproduction Mellotron - hand built at his laboratory in Sweden. As you would expect, it's not cheap at $6800 US (including flight case), but if you just gotta have one, then he's your man. Available from Big City Music

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Mystic Radio    Said...

who would want one other than rich guys with disposable income and a yearning for nostalgia..... way too much money... and as you know mellotrons are useless on the road... very unstable... but.....kudos to him anyways. I know they are unstable cause I owned one. in the 70's

04-Feb-09 08:10 AM

foobar    Said...

I can't belive anyone would spend $6800.00 on this. With all of the VST's out there mimicking this thing why would anybody buy this. 3 sounds? I suppose it's nostalgia but in today's economy?

07-Feb-09 07:32 PM

The Guvnor    Said...

I can understand gear lust for hardware synths (twiddling the myriad of knobs on a Minimoog is nothing like twiddling the knobs on an Automapped Novation SL). But something like this... naaaa. Its like Fairlight reissuing the original CMI...

08-Feb-09 09:56 PM

Enil    Said...


11-Feb-09 12:45 AM

Stuart McConaghy    Said...

Because nothing sounds or reacts like a Mellotron, the asthmatic groaning of the tapes, the clicking of the keys and that spitting attack, how the tape head would never start playing back the tape at the same point, you can only replicate it with samples and VSTs to a certain point. I agree, the price is insane, but all I can really think about is that I DON'T HAVE ONE!!!!!!! Memotron for me, I guess...

18-Mar-09 05:47 PM

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