WNAMM09: Spectralis 2 - 2GB RAM And Other Goodies

Plus a guitar preamp PRE GTX      05/02/09

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Long term viewers of Sonicstate will know that we've followed the Spectralis through right from it's beginnings through to where it is today. It now has a new incarnation in the form of the Spectralis II, we caught up with Joerg Schaaf at NAMM who gave us a look at the new machine. This is what they say on their site: "Spectralis 2 is the even more powerful successor of Radikals sophisticated Hybrid Synthesizer. With up to 2 GB sample memory and tons of new features Radikal raises the bar again for our competition. Never stop the sequencer engine again with our fully redesigned sequencer engine that allows for on the fly realtime sequencing, recording of MIDI controllers and overdubbing. Quick Sound Selection for every part - your most favorite sounds are just one fingertip away. Transpose your patterns and step sequences with the attached keyboard and control the Spectralis 2 parameters via MIDI from your computer. There is only one thing, we left untouched in our new design - the sound engine. Still the warmest and richest sound out there with the power of a modular synthesizer in a box." Also on show was the Pre GTX a dual channel analog Guitar Preamp with distortion, drive and full parametric.
  • - Input impedance 1MOhm.
  • - 2 channel with gain and drive stage, three band EQ, insert and FX send control.
  • - Parametric EQ with three bands: sweepable lows (50Hz - 350 Hz) with +/- 15 dB gain control sweepable mids (80Hz - 8kHz) with +/- 15 dB & adjustable Q (0,2 - 6,0) sweepable mids/highs (80Hz - 8KHz) with +/- 15 db
  • - Analog speaker simulation for direct recording or stage box injection.
  • - Powerful headphones amp.
  • - Flexible routing concept for parallel and serial configuration of channel A and B.
  • - MIDI Control for routing and bypass functions.
  • - Footcontrol input for remote control of all routing switches and channel selection.
  • - Footswitch input for A/B switching.
  • - Symmetrical reamping input for impedance matching of line signals.
  • - 19' rack system two HE.
  • - Power: 110-230 Volt/50-60 Hz.
  • - Weight: 18 pounds.
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