Garageband's Autotune Can Make You Kanye

Built in capability is really quite impressive.      24/02/09
Caution this video does contain explicit language
Youtube user PirateSk00l takes us through how to get that T-Pain or Kanye AutoTune vocal effect. And all this with a piece of software that comes free with a new Apple computer. As I said above, this does contain some fruity language, but Elliot Bearing does keep us (or at least me) smiling throughout. Excellent tutorial. He writes:
"Want to get that signature T- Pain or Kanye West auto effect using nothing but GarageBand??? This quick tutorial will show you how to take your crap voice and put it in tune. No plugins needed!!! If you have Apples Garage Band in OS X you have everything you need."


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Chris Blais    Said...

This dude was cracking me up! Just goes to show you how inexpensive everything is getting....WOW!

24-Feb-09 10:43 AM

nick b    Said...

Yeah he's good - and even better after autotuning ;-)

24-Feb-09 10:56 AM

Browsing    Said...

Does Logic Studio 8 have the same thing?

24-Feb-09 11:38 AM

N.    Said...

Hah, that dude's pretty funny.

you can use the Pitch Correction plugin to get similar effects in Logic

24-Feb-09 01:11 PM

Andy W    Said...

Yeah Man!!! That was great! Keep on having fun!

24-Feb-09 09:29 PM

I made this video :)    Said...

Thanks for the kind comments guys.

26-Feb-09 03:30 AM

Nick B    Said...

Excellent work mate, if you ever want to do something with us, drop me a line

28-Feb-09 01:48 PM

Eliot (i made this video)    Said...

Thanks a lot Nick B. Just out of interest (and excuse my ignorance) but just who is "us"? I'm sure I would be up for it :)

01-Mar-09 01:30 PM

flux302    Said...

this is so funny. I was just working on some sessions this weekend in my lil project studio and I thought it would be funny to do the same thing (except i was using logic pro) I seems ur result was a lil more pronounced than what i did but it's funny non the less. keep up the vids.

02-Mar-09 06:56 AM

Eliot (i made this video)    Said...

Yeah, it is a rather strong effect in Garageband.

02-Mar-09 02:03 PM

Nick B    Said...

Elliot, no need to apologize, us is Sonicstate

03-Mar-09 05:09 PM

Eliot (i made this video)    Said...

Great. Will do. I have some cool things planned. Let me know if you have any requests???

05-Mar-09 02:37 AM

Ro    Said...

is there a certain mac book we need to use for auto tuns effect?

10-Jul-09 02:38 PM

uSchoolme    Said...

My new Auto Tune tutorial is up... Hope you post it again :)


15-Jul-09 09:11 PM

Kenya East    Said...

GarageBand's Autotune is a pretty good feature, and I'm gonna let you finish, but Antares' Autotune is ONE OF THE BEST AUTOTUNERS EVER!

07-Oct-09 10:58 PM

KE    Said...

I downloaded the actual (free trial) software that those guys use (by Antares Software) and I was playing around with it in GarageBand, when I remembered GarageBand had a feature like this built in and I was like "wait a minute..."! The Antares plugin does, however, give you a little bit stronger of an effect if you're going for that, or an even more subtle effect than the built-in effect, and it also gives you more direct control over how it works. This is pretty good though considering it comes free with the computer. I think you used a little too much reverb though.

07-Oct-09 11:00 PM

buttfok982    Said...

you cant say the n-word

16-Oct-09 04:30 PM    Said...



26-Oct-09 10:04 AM

Mike    Said...

Elliot. Thanks for the TOOT. What screen capture software are you using? Is there any workflow advice you have for capturing your Tutorials?


06-Dec-09 06:49 PM

stan    Said...

did this guy just say nigga like 5 times and didn't even break a sweat

30-Jan-10 09:38 PM

tapster    Said...

man you are cool for a white guy!

19-Feb-10 03:44 AM

johnny g    Said...

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05-May-12 09:10 AM

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05-May-12 09:10 AM

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05-May-12 09:12 AM

New Tools For Monkeys    Said...

Excellent...I was not bored at all.

17-Oct-13 01:41 AM

bushy given netsh    Said...

i lyk ur tutorials man

20-Mar-14 12:10 PM

Toromaniac    Said...


28-Feb-16 12:11 PM

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