MESSE09:Wacom Do DJ With NextBeat

From the graphics tablet to the DJ system      03/04/09

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You know WACOM, the well-known Japanese graphic tablet manufacturer? Well they just announced a product for DJs. Yep, that's right – it's a standalone two deck system with colour LCD, and a detachable wireless control section. Yeah, we thought it might be an April fools, but here it is in all it's LED bedecked splendor. Scheduled for Autumn release, we hear that it's likely to be in the 2K area – though that of course is just a rumour. Of course, one would assume that a company the size of WACOM are likely to be looking to release a range of DJ products after investing all this tangental R&D right?

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el lobo    Said...

Touch sensitive fades don't seem to work too well do they?

03-Apr-09 04:49 PM

nick b    Said...

Yeah I noticed that, but these are prototypes and they arent in production till September with some testing starting soon, so I imagine they can sort that out

04-Apr-09 05:07 AM

samarin    Said...

I agree. I have been using wacom products for 10 years, and I have not had a single problem with their surfaces... probably a little glitch in the prototype...

04-Apr-09 06:40 AM

Anomoly    Said...

It's a nice idea in theory... obviously more for the "house/trance" dj as you can't cut and scratch with the onboard crossfader.

I could see taking the remote feature in a club or a house party and coming back to someone else playing with things or spilling a drink on it, while your "out on the dance floor"

If it comes in at a lower price point in might be good for a wedding dj.

i couldn't see only using this as my main unit... especially when you can get this thing that does the same: Stanton DaScratch

09-Apr-09 09:30 AM

el lobo    Said...

All the Wacom products i have ever used have a Stylus. touch sensitivity is quite a different technology.

23-Apr-09 07:31 AM

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