MESSE09: Teenage Engineering OP-1

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So, just before the MESSE show, there was a lot of buzz surrounding the new Casio VL-Tone inspired OP-1 synthesizer. This lovely looking and strangely featured little synth (FM synthesis and FM radio!?!), comes from the Teenage Design collective, a selection of folks with some design pedigree in synthesizer work (Elektron) and electronics also. There was a single OP-1 synth on display – it was really at prototype stage, although we were told that the fabrication and electronics are pretty much done, the software is where the next year or so will be spent – ain't that allways the way? The OLED LED does look wonderful, but will no doubt be a contributary factor to the 700 (ish) Euros proposed price tag. I cant help but feel that this might be a little out of the range of the original and Casio VL-Tone's target market. Call me cynical, but wouldn't this kind of buzz be just the way to drum up a some synthesizer design work for a team of talented designers which has been pretty much the sole domain of one Axel Hartmann up to now? Bottom line is that it really looks gorgeous and does appeal to the Korg Nano fan in me – we hope to see this li'll feller make it to market in timely fashion. There will be a Beta program much later this year, where I believe up to 100 units will be made available – but I imagine there will be a long, long waiting list for this.. Nick Batt

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fujiKORG    Said...

The OP-1 has been my favorite new product this year and I can't wait to see what that sequencer is all about.

04-Apr-09 02:00 PM

J    Said...

I think Ableton may have some some questions for these guys.... A bit too similar to ...... um Operator.

06-Apr-09 08:47 AM

I Don't Like Music    Said...

Yeah, I remember when the Ableton team invented the DX9.

07-Apr-09 08:36 PM

L56    Said...

Yeah, Ableton owns the word "operator" hehe

I will design a car and call it "tyre". Bridgestone better watch out!!

Cool looking gadget though!

11-Apr-09 08:04 AM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

I'm a sucker for things like this! I want one now, but I know I shouldn't because it can't do anything the laptop can't do, except maybe tune into The Archers.

I know it's referencing the VL-tone, but I wish they'd put a real keyboard onto it.

Did he mention whether it had MIDI IN and OUT?

I thought the microKORG XL was small and portable, but this looks like it could literally slid into my pocket! The proof is in the pudding - we haven't heard what it sounds like yet. I bet I wind up buying one the moment they're released.

22-Apr-09 08:57 PM

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