MESSE09: AAS Strum Electric Guitar Synth

More articulations and playability      14/04/09

No flash plug

8:16 mins
We shot a demo of the AAS Strum Guitar modeled instrument, which shall we say was promising but still work in progress. Well the new Strum Electric GS-1 is now almost ready for purchase and we got a looksee at some of the articulations and techniques available. You can order Strum GS-1 either individually as a 6.9MB (windows) or 12.4MB(mac) download at the AAS website – yes, they really are only that small – that is the advantage of modeled instruments y'know. $229 or $379 when purchased with the Strum AS-1 (acoustic version).

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mysticradio    Said...

SORRY THIS IS LAME.... sounds like first gen CAsio to me


14-Apr-09 03:39 PM

Elfen    Said...

If you go on their site and you hear the sound without the mic and the noise from the Messe floor it's a pretty decent sound. No casio there. Listen to Rockmyworld, it's good for physical modeling. On the other hand the price is a bit too much Imho.

15-Apr-09 12:05 AM

mysticradio    Said...

listen to the guitars on MINISTRY OF ROCK from EASTWEST..... then tell me about it

15-Apr-09 11:14 PM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

I'm always impressed by these demonstrators who perform their whole presentation in another language! This Strum looks and sounds like it could be fairly authentic, especially if used with one of the powerhouse effects plugs like Guitar Rig, but I wonder who wants to play guitar sounds on a keyboard? It's the same with EWQL Goliath, with their ton of guitar samples. Obvious I'm missing something here.

I believe the future is physical modeling not sampling - just as computer-generated visual effects are indistinguishable from real objects, so will computer-generated audio effects.

22-Apr-09 09:07 PM

srpjo    Said...

c'est nul à chier !

02-May-09 06:38 AM

brand shoes    Said...

the vedio's sound without the mic.

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07-Jun-09 04:50 AM

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