Klavis And ZP Engineering Join Forces

New partnership aims to provide developers with streaming solutions integrating CopperLan in audio products      15/04/09

Klavis And ZP Engineering Join Forces

Here's the press release...
At the outset of a presentation to the press at the last Music Show in Frankfurt, Klavis announced a new partnership with ZP Engineering that is aimed at complementing CopperLan's capabilities, offering unified streaming solutions.
Managing the flows and controlling the processing of audio streams is an integral part of CopperLan's versatile networking system. In addition to the need for managing streaming formats and in particular those that lack proper command and control, CopperLan provides a validated solution for an easy integration of all the typical advantages of its Universal Editing in a unified streaming environment.
"This partnership is a significant step forward in further integrating CopperLan in the area of audio streaming", said Eric Lukac Kuruc, Chief Technical Officer and co-founder of Klavis Technologies s.a., "ZP Engineering brings over 10 years of experience and expertise in supplying the industry with high quality audio designs".
"We are thrilled to take on this new challenge and join our forces to offer designers fully pre-validated/tested hi-end quality audio solutions that should dramatically shorten their product development cycle while integrating CopperLan's rich command & control capabilities in their audio applications" commented Umberto Zanghieri, general manager and co-founder of ZP Engineering srl.
CopperLan is an initiative from Klavis Technologies s.a, a company founded in January 2000 by a group of individuals from the pro audio and MI industry. The company has since earned endorsement by foremost companies in the MI industry and obtained grant funding from the Belgian Federal Government. The company is run by David Herscovitch and Eric Lukac Kuruc, its original founders. Since May 2008, Klavis technologies s.a. and its main subcontractor ICT7 s.a. (ict7.com) have entered into a joint venture, leading to a 35 people strong team contributing to enhance the technical skills and marketing know-how in support of CopperLan.
ZP Engineering srl (zpeng.com) offers complete design services for embedded and DSP systems, focusing on industrial and digital audio designs. The company has started in 1998 and has now completed over 120 successful designs over a broad range of applications. Their services include all design phases, leading to the delivery of working prototypes, and small to medium production of boards and systems.
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