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PitchChange VST Plug-in for Windows released      30/04/09

Free Pitch Changer

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PitchChange as the name suggests is a simple and free VST Plug-In for Windows Hosts. It provides the possibility to change the overall pitch of one input stream up to +/- 50 %, using a vertical slider. On the bottom of the slider the applied pitch change value in percentage is shown. The employed algorithm is the freely under the Wide Open License (WOL) distributed high-quality pitch scaling algorithm smbPitchShift in version 1.2, provided by Stephan M. Bernsee at his website No modifications to the algorithm were applied, the software routine are implemented as it is. The pitch change slider is set initially to 100 %.
A 2nd slider "Gain" changes the volume of the input stream to 0 - 200 % and is set by default to 100 %. A 3rd slider "Phaser" applies a phasing effect. The underlying algorithm is taken as it is from the website and provided by Ross Bencina, the developer of the audio sequencer Audio Mulch, available from his website The phaser effect apparently produces artifacts despite not any change to the source code. Therefore the default setting of the phaser effect is set to zero.
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