Podcast: Sonic TALK128 - Synths Synths Synths, New Props DAW

Tank-fx, AHNE, Imogen Heap, Volta      07/05/09

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57:4 mins
Lots of stuff to talk about this week, and fortunately for us, as well as a full chat room for the live show, we have Noneric from MusoTalk,de with us after some time away, Dave Spiers from GFORCE Software joins me in the actual studio - he's dropping off a synth and picking up some pads, Mark Tinley sound artist and creative thinker is fresh from his joy class, and Rich Hilton from Chic and Nile Rodgers is on the wire. Our topics this week begin with the excellent TANK-FX.com reverb processor, then we talk of Imogen Heap's recent improvisations live from Maui, AHNE (Analog Heaven North East) synth fest, then what are Propellerheads releasing on May 9th? We finish up with MOTU's new Volta analog-> Daw plugin which some say is set to set the world alight. Show Sponsors
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Even more news...

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CV!    Said...

Bong + Sonic state podcast, time to chill out!

07-May-09 04:15 PM

CV!    Said...

Maybe Rich was thinking of this one : http://www.silophone.net/

It's an art installation that's been going on for about 10 years.

It's located in Montreal, Quebec

07-May-09 04:35 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Thanks for another fun podcast, and for posting that news item about Imogen Heaps streamed piano improvisations. I caught the last live one and it was really wonderful. I for one would like to have a couple of more of these opportunities to take a peek in the day to day creative process of artists, producers and engineers.

07-May-09 06:19 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Oh, and as an added thing: not a modular user myself but I'm intrigued by how Volta will be used my modular synth owners. As I understand it all control voltages are now open to digital recording, modulation and playback so this could be interesting.

08-May-09 08:11 PM

hiltonius    Said...

thanks CV! i believe that was the one, as i recall the name "silo" being involved.....

11-May-09 10:00 AM

flight7    Said...

another great show, many thanks :D/

12-May-09 08:46 PM

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