Free Plug-In Changes Guitar Tone

AcmeBarGig release Red Shift Pickup Replacer VST plug-in for Windows      15/05/09

Free Plug-In Changes Guitar Tone

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Here's what AcmeBarGig have to say about their new Red Shift Pickup Replacer VST plug-in for Windows...
Red Shift allows you to replace the tone of your guitars pickup with a huge list of different alternatives and really provides you the versatility you need without having to spend money on several guitars!
What's more, Red Shift allows you to actually change the MATERIAL your guitar is made out of, got an alder body guitar with single coils that just can't get you that metal tone? No problem, run Red Shift, choose a nice dense maple and some active pickups and your blues axe is instantly transformed into a screaming machine. The same applies the other way round, calm those high input squealing metal axes down and turn them into country twangers or sweet lucid blues machines. It doesn't finish there though, we just had to go one step further and allow for some CRAZY options that would be impossible in the real world, our materials section doesn't just cover woods, oh no, ever wondered how your guitar would sound if it was made of CONCRETE or even SPLEEN and HUMAN TISSUE?! Well for the curious amongst us Red Shift allows just that kind of experiment to take place without the rather disastrous effects a real world experiment would likely result in.
RedShift comes with 3 knobs and 2 bypasses. Each knob controls a volume level. Pickup Volume controls how loud the Pickup change is. Material Volume controls how loud the matyerial is, and Master volume controls the overall level of RedShift.
You can bypass the material by clicking the Bypass Material LED. Or you can completely bypass RedShift by clicking the BYPASS located in the top right corner.
Selecting a pickup type...
Unfortunately, due to legal reasons we cannot identify pickups by their actual name. We will be sued very quickly for that. None of the AcmeBarGig team can identify them either, we have already been forewarned that doing this will bring instant litigation. So, please don't ask. What we have done is "Nick named them" Like Billy's Big 500, use your imagination a little and that will tell you what pickup that is made from.
So above the Impulse Response screen (screen with the waves on it) there is three buttons, lefty arrow, right arrow, and a drop down menu button, selecting any one of these will change the pickup.
Once you change a pickup, you will hear some strange audio noise, at first it will seem as if the computer is hanging or there is some sort of problem with it. This is normal, RedShift is making calculations based on your current sound, eliminating certain aspects of it, and adding elements of the IR file that is being loaded. Surprisingly, although it seems like RedShift is making huge changes, the changes are very minute between different input pickup types.
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