Virtual Modular Synth

XILS-lab announces the XILS 3 based on the architecture of the EMS VCS3      04/06/09
Virtual Modular Synth

New music software company, XILS-lab has announced its first product - the XILS 3. Here's what they have to say about it...
The XILS 3, an exciting new matrix style virtual modular synthesizer. Based on the architecture of the legendary EMS VCS3 synth, the XILS 3 is capable of creating both 'classic' sounds and totally new ones. The XILS 3's matrix design is capable of more than 450 connection permutations, offering more routing possibilities than any other commercially available virtual synthesizer.
In addition, a built-in sequencer, based on the EMS 256 sequencer, can be used to create original and complex sequences.
The XILS 3 comes with hundreds of presets that provide instant access to a broad range of sounds and styles ranging from modern electronica to classic 1970s retro and experimental.
You can also program it yourself to create your own unique sounds!
Pricing and Availability:
The XILS 3 will be available soon More information:


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    Marc JX8P    Said...

    Very cool! Looking forward to this!

    04-Jun-09 03:59 AM

    robgs    Said...

    Shame it requires a synchrosoft dongle for the demo.

    04-Jun-09 06:50 AM

    The Guvnor    Said...

    This looks great! I'd be interested to know how close it is to a real VCS3. Seeing how EMS are still making the things, maybe they can't say for legal reasons! When will it be available and for how much are the next questions. I want one before EMS sues!

    04-Jun-09 08:10 AM

    Marc JX8P    Said...

    EMS is still making them? :-O Do you have a link?

    05-Jun-09 09:15 AM

    The Guvnor    Said...

    Marc, I sent mail to them and it looks like they are starting up production again this summer. The cost is 3000 GBP for the Synth A & 3200 GPB for the VCS3 (ex-VAT). HOWEVER, they are both on a waiting list basis, and, because EMS only have 30 original Synthi A cases remaining (which are currently all spoken for), they are planning to redesign the product accordingly.

    They gave me an approximate lead-time of 18 months after your name goes on the list, and you have to send them a cheque for 150 GBP deposit which will be held onto but not cashed (you can cancel the order and have it returned at any time).

    BTW: They are using the original components in the new Synthis...

    The XILS3 plug in is 220 Euros, which seems a bit high to me, but I may download the demo anyway to give it a whirl, and stick with the Reaktor-created freebie ;0)

    05-Jun-09 11:51 AM

    Marc JX8P    Said...

    Thanks for the info, Guvnor! Eek - at those prices I guess they'll be strictly for the well to do fans of vintage synths but at the same time, good to see them producing those synths again (I bet Jarre pre-ordered a few...).

    06-Jun-09 03:47 PM

    embry0    Said...

    @Marc JX8P

    14-Jun-09 02:04 AM

    ghostdog    Said...

    i have an aks and 3 virtual synthis, one is close the other 2 are no where near close, but nothiong beats playing the real deal.

    i have been on a waiting list for 5 years and every year they say this summer

    22-Jun-09 12:34 AM

    The Guvnor    Said...

    Maybe they are waiting for enough names & cheques on the waiting list to execute a mass cheque-cashing and run off to Spain or South America ;0)

    23-Jun-09 08:52 AM

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