Head Propellerhead Explains Future Of Reason

CEO lays out product roadmap      04/07/09
Head Propellerhead Explains Future Of Reason
Here's Ernst..

Propellerhead Software CEO Ernst Nathorst-Böös has responded to confusion about their recently introduced Record with a statement on Record and the future of Reason:

Ernst Nathorst-Böös' Statement

It seems we need to clarify our product road map and how Record and Reason relate. Hopefully by now it is clear that Record is a stand-alone program. We simply call it Music Recording Software, because that's what it is. Record is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to make music recordings, whether you're a band, a songwriter, a guitarist, vocalist or all of that on different days of the week. Record is also, thanks to its incredible built in mixer and effects, a great choice for mixing and finalizing any music production. Reason also is – and remains – a stand-alone program. Reason we call a Music Production Instrument. It contains the ultimate software instrument set, combined with tons of great effects. Reason is the perfect choice for anyone who plays keyboards, in the bedroom, studio or on stage. It's also great for all of us who love making music with drum machines, synths, samplers and effects. Thanks to its powerful yet simple sequencer, Reason is also a great production tool. But in a slightly different way from Record, and that’s precisely the point. For Record – think guitars, vocals, recording, music production and mixing. For Reason – think keyboards, synths, samplers drum machines, effects - and music production. What the two programs have in common is their purpose: To help you make more and better music, to sound fabulous and having a great time while doing it. Some people will want to use Record only. Some people will want to use Reason only. It just depends on what kind of musician you are. Those who are really smart will use both programs together; it’s the ultimate combination. The integration is 100%, making you far more productive than any recording application and plug-in combination available out there. C

Clear As Mud?

Nathorst-Böös' statement helps clear up Propellerhead's vision for the future of Reason and Record.

What's not clear, though, is whether Propellerhead's customers buy into the company's vision.

While there are a lot of people excited about Record, there are also a lot of people who would have liked to see Reason become a more complete solution.

What do you think of Propellerhead's vision for Reason and Record?

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Alien Nesby (23A23P)    Said...

Can't say record makes much sense to me. It's not Cubase, it's not Logic, it seems as if it is something far below such applications as a DAW in fact.

No VST/VSTi plugin support, I could be wrong, but doesn't seem like it will be nearly as in depth in Audio or WAV editing capability, etc.

It would have made a lot more sense the capabilities of Record simply been made part of a the next version of Reason.

As stands, I can't say I'm really all that sure I understand why Record exist on it's own.

04-Jul-09 09:38 AM

~C    Said...

The above "clarification" seems a little on the light side imho. I have to be honest in pondering over the light coming from Props....is it the dawning of a new age for them or the setting of it's sun? I feel like "Record" is a little too little, too late.

Several years ago Reason was my go to instrument base but now with NI Komplete being fairly affordable and what you get for free with Logic. It seems like Props' vision is a little limited. The pace of the audio industry is ablaze with innovation and I'm not sure that Record is on that same bandwagon. With RAM and Memory not being such a player as it once was, the selling points for Props' products are waning...only time will tell though. I will still probably get record maybe it will blow the socks of Logic 9 64 bit when it debuts...My money is on the other DAWs out there though.

04-Jul-09 09:53 AM

Yann Donnelly    Said...

I can understand the reasoning behind Record now. There are plenty of musicians who love "making beats" on their laptops, and who neither want or need to learn how to use a Pro Tools rig. If they want professional results they'll go to a studio - this is merely a thing to play around with at weekends.

With that in mind, I can understand why Prepellorheads gave Record a Reason-style FX rack - it's exactly like connecting guitar pedals. What I can't figure out is how you'd expect a professional Reason user to put up with such a basic recording application - perhaps they're thinking of turning it into a fully-fledged DAW in the future?

05-Jul-09 05:02 AM

Stillman    Said...

I've been using the pre-release version of Record for a few days now. I think Propellerheads is on the wrong track here, and I've told them as much (a lot of good that will do). Record requires a hardware (USB) dongle and it comes with only a minimum set of instruments and effects. If you have a registered version of Reason on your computer, Record will allow you to use those devices. But if you own both programs, you'll have no other use for Reason, since Record duplicates all of its midi capabilities. Very disappointing.

16-Jul-09 12:00 AM

nickster    Said...

I think most people miss the point of Record. As being in part a tool for a more traditional musician say a guitarist or vocalist to record their music via a software interface that provides the excellence of a real mixing desk interface. The desk itself is light years ahead of any other software application and as such most people are a bit untrained at mixing at such a high quality level. Now that they have this tool at a resonable price it will in time change how software/hardware musicians view the process of mixing their work. Also the time stretching capabilities of Record again are way ahead of what is currently on offer. Lastly the ease of which one can set up a track to record a live instrument makes this a very user friendly program. In truth for the money one is getting a great piece of music software with the stability that Propellerheads are rightly famous for. Been using their products for about 5 years and have still never had any problems wish I could say the same for NI, Steinberg, Ableton, Arturia, Logic, Protools, all of whom have at some point been a cause of lost work or disfunctionality. Lastly yes this is a begining of a new direction for the Props and in time many of the "must have" features that people wish for will I´m sure be implemented and when they are they will work well and 100% of the time.

17-Jul-09 03:29 AM

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