Five Amazing And Unusual MIchael Jackson Tributes

DJs, Prisoners And The French Pay Their Respect      07/07/09

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Since Michael Jackson's death on June 25th, there's been an outpouring of interest in Jackson and his music.

Many of the tributes to Jackson are routine. Here, on the other hand, are five video tributes to Jackson that may surprise you.

Shlomo vs DJ Yoda vs Michael Jackson


Human beatboxer Shlomo using live looping to build up a Jackson 5 beat. Then DJ Yoda sublimely scratches in the video of Michael Jackson singing it back in 1969! Unreal.

Mass moonwalk in memory of Michael Jackson in Paris, France

Prisoners Perform Michael Jackson Tribute

Prisoners in the Cebu Provincial Detention & Rehabilitation Center, Philippines, perform Michael Jackson Thriller Tribute.

"This Is It" featuring (Steve Porter Remix)

Porter makes new tracks and remixes using found sound and video as his raw materials.


Decks & Sampler Mash-up of Michael Jacksons Bad

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