Happy Birthday Miley Cyrus

TV/film star and budding songwriter gets a Korg M50 and a home studio for her sixteenth      22/07/09
Happy Birthday Miley Cyrus

For all of you Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus fans... Korg sent us a press release so here it is...
In addition to starring in her own popular television show and feature film, Miley Ray Cyrus is also following in the musical footsteps of her father, Billy Ray Cyrus. Appropriately, for her sixteenth birthday, Miley's parents celebrated by building her a recording studio in their L.A. Home. The studio will allow her to pursue her passion for songwriting.
Front and center in that studio is her Korg M50 Music Workstation. The M50 combines Korg's Enhanced Definition Synthesis (EDS), a 16-track sequencer and eight studio-quality effect processors - making it almost a studio in itself. Cyrus' studio also features a Korg R3 Synthesizer/Vocoder and KAOSSILLATOR Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer for added inspiration.
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  • mileycyrus.com


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    Picky Guy    Said...

    Korg forgot to mention that those nearfield monitors in the picture look like Adam A7s :)

    22-Jul-09 03:30 AM

    Velocipede    Said...

    Good! Now my daughter will want me to get a Korg M50!

    22-Jul-09 04:22 AM

    auxy    Said...

    But first she needs to learn how to play that thing!

    22-Jul-09 06:36 AM

    Jus Celph    Said...

    I am not sure if a keyboard on a confrence style desk makes for a home studio? Korg also forgot candles by bed bath and beyond and pain by bear.....lol

    22-Jul-09 09:55 AM


    they are millionaires and do i see PRESSBOARD shelving?

    dont you think they could afford an OASYS?

    22-Jul-09 02:23 PM

    jingo    Said...

    she can play it...she wrote a couple huge hits on it already

    22-Jul-09 02:24 PM

    robgs    Said...

    I wouldn't be surprised if that wasn't a studio set - unless Billy Ray buys his furniture from Argos!

    22-Jul-09 04:50 PM

    Miley Ray Superfan    Said...

    Miley's birthday is November 23rd! NOT July 22nd or whatever! GET IT RIGHT!

    22-Jul-09 05:59 PM

    Hannah M    Said...

    Superfan, how dare they! You should contact your local Korg office and berate them immediately!

    23-Jul-09 05:05 AM

    Me    Said...

    Were is she right now

    23-Jul-09 04:10 PM

    Rep-from-Cali    Said...

    Omg I saw justin gatson with megan fox last night having dinner then they went to megans house after

    23-Jul-09 04:43 PM

    Ire    Said...

    Happy birthday Mileyy! From Italy

    24-Jul-09 06:47 AM

    Ire    Said...

    Happy birthday Mileyy! From Italy

    24-Jul-09 06:47 AM

    Rod    Said...

    Happy b-day miley:)

    24-Jul-09 10:09 AM

    nice kid..    Said...

    hey miley cyrus this bridget.. i love u..u are in intelligent,sweet.got to since of homor....keep up the good work...hit me back up when u get this message..asap

    24-Jul-09 09:11 PM

    yash    Said...

    hey miley. So said to say that one more year of your life has ended. but still wish you a very happy life.

    25-Jul-09 02:22 AM

    miley    Said...

    happy birthday miley you look great stay the same i know you will i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3 Peace Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    29-Jul-09 11:27 AM

    gridsleep    Said...

    Poor underprivileged kid. Billy Ray Cyrus couldn't afford an M3? Sorry, I keed. I have an M50. I don't watch Hannah Montana.

    13-Oct-10 05:03 AM

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