Plug-Ins Dedicated To Dance Music

Vengeance announce the Producer Suite:Multiband Sidechain as the first in a new series      13/08/09
Plug-Ins Dedicated To Dance Music

Vengeance Sound have announced the Producer Suite:Multiband Sidechain which they tell us is the start of a new professional Plug-In series dedicated to dance music. Here's a description of its features from them...
  • VST / PC and PowerMac / Intel Mac VST / AU
  • runs in all compatible hosts
  • comes with 32 powerful and pumpin' dance presets by Manuel Schleis
  • total control over 2 independent sidechain channels (Low and Hi)
  • high quality 2 band EQ with smooth FFT in the background
  • unique graphic interface (exact display of the audible sidechain effect)
  • freely configurable main display with 8 predefined scenes
  • free choice: you can trigger the sidechain with Audio signals, Midi notes or host sync
  • Syncrosoft Dongle / Steinberg Key required (Nexus Dongle can be used)
Pricing and Availability:
Price 99€ More information:


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    dyscode    Said...

    just what I have been waiting all my life for...

    not really

    13-Aug-09 05:59 PM

    selercs    Said...

    with all due respect, i have never really liked manual scheis programming...most of them are the eurodance styles with the overused hypersaw leads and gated/arpeggiated trance sequence.

    It could also be the fact that manual programs refx and virus, both synths which i think sound very digital and unwarm (wonder why the critics like virus so much)...

    the only trance i like personally is psychedelic-melodic (morning) trance started by israeli artists, the rest of the european trance music field is saturated and redundant.

    i much rather hear some nice depeche mode or vangelis style programs.

    13-Aug-09 06:30 PM

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