AmpliTube Buy One Get One Or Two Free

IK Multimedia announces AmpliTube Power Group promotion      03/09/09

AmpliTube Buy One Get One Or Two Free

IK Multimedia has announced the launch of the AmpliTube Power Group promotion: from September 1st though October 31st, 2009, by purchasing one "Powered by AmpliTube" software or hardware product, you can get another "Powered by AmpliTube" software of your choice free immediately as a download from IK. And if 2,000 customers participate, everybody will get an additional "Powered by AmpliTube" software product for free. Here's the IK press release with all the info...
How does the "AmpliTube Power Group" promotion work?
That's easy! The more people participating in the promotion means more benefit for you! You simply need to register your eligible "Powered by AmpliTube" product within the promotional period and you will be able to immediately choose your first free product as a download from your IK User Area. Then, simply help spread the word and follow the real-time counter that we have on the promotional page here: .
As soon as 2,000 users will have registered their eligible products, we will make a second free product available for everybody to be chosen from their IK User Area!
Here are the steps and the eligible products in details:
  • 1 - Purchase and register one of these products from IK Multimedia or your favorite Music Retailer:
    • StealthPedal
    • StealthPedal Deluxe
    • AmpliTube 2
    • AmpliTube 2 Crossgrade
    • AmpliTube Fender
    • Ampeg® SVX
    • AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix
    • AmpliTube Metal
  • 2 – Register your product, and then choose one of these FREE for immediate download from your IK User Area:
    • AmpliTube 2 Crossgrade
    • Ampeg SVX
    • AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix
    • AmpliTube Metal
  • 3 - If 2,000 users participate, then everybody will be able to choose another of these totally FREE!
    • AmpliTube 2 Crossgrade
    • Ampeg SVX
    • AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix
    • AmpliTube Metal
You'll receive up to $689/€500 of hardware or software for as low as $199.99/€169.99 street price! A staggering 72% discount off of these amazing tone machines. Now you can build the ultimate rig of your dreams with the best guitar and bass software and interface products in the industry!
Now YOU can make a difference in what you can get from this AmpliTube Power Group promotion from IK!
Please note: Promotion valid from 1st of September 2009 until 31st of October 2009. Date of registration is decisive - The purchased software must be registered between 1st of September 2009 through 31st of October 2009. All prices listed exclude taxes. "Powered by AmpliTube" software that have been purchased as part of the Total Guitar & Bass Gear Bundle, Total Studio 2 Bundle or StompIO do not quality for this promotion. StealthPedal/StealthPedal Deluxe count as one product for the purpose of promotional claims. AmpliTube Fender® will be available as a free download for StealthPedal Deluxe users in case the 3x1 goal is reached.
More information and real-time counter of the promotion participants:

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