PLASA09: Allen and Heath XB14 Broadcast

If you do radio or podcasts, check it out      16/09/09

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I got a bit of an education when I stopped at the Allen and Heath stand. Of course, I knew that broadcast desks existed, but not really what their unique capabillities were. The new XB14 broadcast desk is packed with features that enable a single operator, or a dedicated producer to run a small radio show or live podcast/broadcast. The Telco channels can take incoming phone calls wth a clean feed (CLF) output - that's mix minus caller for feedback elimination (see, I told you I'd learned something). The desk also outputs a number of control signals via 15-way D-Type connector for the cueing of CD players and ON AIR lights, monitoring muting etc etc.

As well as multiple, switchable, stereo sources, there's a USB I/O for integration with a computer as sound source and or recording device.

Well worth a look if your into the world of broadcast or podcasting.

The XB14 is available now at £824 +VAT





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Bjarne D.    Said...

For a complete broadcast desk, that's a lot cheaper than other products!

Thinking of starting a podcast, and this, with a built in USB, would be perfect!

Thanks for the tip, Nick! (Especially since A&H hasn't promoted it...)

16-Sep-09 05:37 PM

Jacco    Said...

Nice and complete mixer with USB. Also a few cons:no scriptplace and very small LEDbars which are not very accurate to work with. Hopefully in the near future.

11-Nov-09 04:22 PM

jacco    Said...

....I forgot...a masterfader? I think this is not done on a broadcastmixer.

11-Nov-09 04:26 PM

Hidden Driveways    Said...

Jacco... the mixer features a dedicated multi-pin output that feeds external equipment the mian program audio. The intention of this output is to connect it to external metering equipment. The XB-14 isn't an entire broadcasting studio in one mixer, it's a mixer designed to be be integrated into a broadcasting studio.

01-Dec-09 12:13 PM

Cad Delworth    Said...

Jacco: ALL broadcast mixers that I have worked with have master faders. They exist a) to allow output level to be matched to downstream equipment, and b) to allow the entire desk output to be muted/adjusted in case of some internal failure or problem.

18-Mar-10 08:08 AM

Mike Summers    Said...

We look forward in working with the Allen and Heath xb14 on our operation at Raidersbroadcast Music channel in London. It reminds us of the Soundcraft series 5 which has been dicontinued. Which we feel is a big mistake by Soundcraft.

Mike Summers Producer

24-Feb-13 09:07 PM

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