Jimi Hendrix Branded Guitars Revealed

Three packages announced with guitars that look like Fenders but are made by Gibson      24/09/09
Jimi Hendrix Branded Guitars Revealed

Following on from the previous stories about the Jimi Hendrix guitars from Gibson, Authentic Hendrix, a Jimi Hendrix Family Company, have officially announced the introduction of three branded Jimi Hendrix Electric Guitar Packages as a part of their exclusive arrangement with Gibson Guitar Company.
Here's all the details directly from Authentic Hendrix...
Authentic Hendrix specifically chose Gibson Guitars, the world renowned leader in innovation and quality, to take on the task of developing guitar packages that would serve as tribute to the musician who many know as the world's greatest guitarist of all time, preserving his legacy so that generations to come could develop and appreciate his techniques and musicianship. Each guitar will have the Jimi Hendrix signature and Authentic Hendrix logo on it and will come with special added value components only offered with the specific package. Each guitar will also include artwork, lyrics and notes created or inspired by Jimi Hendrix himself.
It's been almost 40 years since Jimi Hendrix's death but he has continued to assert his tremendous legacy with the six strings of his guitar. In recordings and film footage, his mesmerizing showmanship lives on. For those reasons, both companies are pleased and honored to announce the launch of the three exclusive Jimi Hendrix electric guitar packages described below for the benefit of fans and players alike.
  • The Jimi Hendrix "Experience" Electric Guitar Package
    The Jimi Hendrix "Experience" Electric Guitar Package is the ultimate tribute to the genius of Jimi Hendrix. Gibson has combed over historical details and taken the best from more than 100 years of guitar making to help every guitarist - from the beginner to the seasoned pro - find his or her inner Hendrix with this package. The "Experience" package will come with an officially authorized "Jimi" electric guitar, all the basic accessories and some fun extras including a Jimi Hendrix Signature "Voodoo Child" amplifier, a Foxey Fuzz pedal, a deluxe padded gig bag, an instructional DVD, an electronic tuner, two guitar cables, nylon strap, three picks and a USB drive. As an added bonus, a Hendrix inspired tie-dyed tee-shirt and bandana will also be included. True to its name, this guitar package will give the music enthusiast the ultimate Hendrix experience.
  • Jimi Hendrix "Signature" Electric Guitar Package
    In a fitting tribute to the man who famously chose to flip his right-handed guitars upside down and play them left-handed, Gibson and Authentic Hendrix have announced the Jimi Hendrix Signature Electric Guitar Package. Designed in close collaboration between Jimi's sister, Janie Hendrix, and Gibson, this package inherits the best features from Jimi's original setup allowing Hendrix fans the world over to enjoy a deluxe guitar package the way Jimi would have liked it. This package comes with a "Jimi" electric guitar and all the basic accessories, a Jimi Hendrix Voodoo Child amplifier, a deluxe padded gig bag, an instructional DVD, electronic tuner, guitar cable, nylon strap, three picks and a USB drive.
  • Jimi Hendrix "Little Wing" Electric Guitar Package
    The third offering from this exclusive partnership is the Jimi Hendrix "Little Wing" Electric Guitar Package which Gibson engineers and Authentic Hendrix designed with one question in mind: "What if the world's greatest guitarist was still alive today, what guitar would he want to play?" Relying upon more than 100 years of precision guitar making, the Jimi "Little Wing" electric guitar package strives to answer that question. This "Jimi" guitar is equipped with three Voodoo Child, `Inspired by Jimi Hendrix' pickups and comes howling ready with the new 10-watt "Max Feedback" amplifier to give musicians the chance to recreate Hendrix's unearthly playing style. The package also comes with an instructional CD, which includes detailed lessons and a walk through of the all of the package's value added components. In addition consumers will receive a deluxe padded gig bag, a 10 foot guitar cable, an Authentic Hendrix nylon strap and three Authentic Hendrix guitar picks.

"Creating this new guitar is simply a continuation of Jimi's practice of giving back to those who loved him so much. He would often go to Manny's Music store in New York and make himself available to young musicians for tips and wisdom. It was not unusual for Jimi to invite a lucky fan or two back to his studio to watch and listen to him record. He would even give away guitars or buy them for young players," said Janie Hendrix, CEO of Authentic Hendrix. "Moved by that spirit, we decided to approach Gibson for this project after the positive experiences we had with the production of the Flying V's made to reproduce Jimi's own, hand painted model. Anyone who saw Jimi play knew that he loved the raw tone and buttery feel of a spectacular guitar. Our excitement inspired Gibson's excitement and we believe these guitars are the instant classics that Jimi would want them to be."
Pricing and Availability:
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    Bod    Said...

    This is creating a bit of a stir everywhere, with the move being condemned pretty universally.

    Given Gibsons history of litigation, this is pretty hypocritical of them.

    24-Sep-09 08:37 AM

    Woodstalker    Said...

    The Hendrix family is selling him out right and left. It's sad to see.

    24-Sep-09 09:29 AM

    Matt    Said...

    It must be opposite day at Gibson ! ... that or they lost their minds.

    24-Sep-09 05:47 PM

    Chris    Said...

    Fender should be making Hendrix guitars, he usually played Strats. Janie is crazy, let Leon have some say in the company.

    24-Sep-09 09:39 PM

    Rick Rhino    Said...

    Now lets see Fender create an Angus Young model

    25-Sep-09 04:09 AM

    Soulata    Said...

    Or a Fender Jimmy Page signature LP model ...

    25-Sep-09 04:19 AM

    Big Ed    Said...

    Uh, Jimi Hendrix played Strats. Made by Fender. Gibson is pulling a disgusting move here. Plus, the guitars look stupid.

    And check it out - they can't even spell "package" right. They spell it "pakage." Dopes.

    25-Sep-09 05:30 AM

    UXTHE    Said...

    It must be the economy. People are desperate.

    25-Sep-09 02:19 PM

    Larri    Said...


    25-Sep-09 04:11 PM

    Les hated Henry    Said...

    Sue PRS, lose, steal from Fender, go bankrupt - Bye bye Gibson........

    26-Sep-09 10:36 AM

    Bod    Said...

    What a PR nightmare. Gibson have now removed all references to the Hendrix Strat from their website. I wonder if these will ever see the light of day...

    28-Sep-09 05:25 AM

    Wes    Said...

    Litigation is likely already underway..."We're sorry! The page you’re looking for can’t be found. Please use the above search, or contact us at: webmaster@gibson.com.

    Error Code: 404"

    29-Sep-09 04:14 AM

    gerryg    Said...

    This is one of Gibson's dumbest moves. I hope Fender gets some justice. I don't use Gibsons because they have never made a decent Bass guitar.

    30-Sep-09 12:03 PM

    pinnacleband.com    Said...

    Stuff like this makes me wonder if, when you call the Gibson 800 number, a phone rings in a home for the criminally insane. Between the hit-and-miss quality of their instruments and their ever-increasing bullying problem, I'm amazed they survive. Too bad. They USED to be a great company.

    30-Sep-09 01:33 PM

    flux302    Said...

    did anyone notice the fender headstock on the strat in the package picture above?

    10-Oct-09 06:50 PM

    Jerry    Said...

    If Gibson want to manufacture a Hendrix guitar,then make a Gibson guitar that Jimi actually did use,such as the flying V guitar or the white Les Paul (SG shape) 3 pickup fretless wonder guitar, that he sometimes used!!! To make a Stratocaster guitar by Gibson, is totaly ridiculas and not believable!

    11-Oct-09 01:55 AM

    www.playalittleguitar.com    Said...

    hey sonicstate, this item definitely needs an update! why did gibson pull the hendrix guitars?? did the notoriously difficult hendrix heirs pull something? inquiring minds want to know!

    15-Oct-09 01:20 PM

    msmith40    Said...

    Janie has lost her mind. But Fender also deserves a kick in the ass for releasing that ridiculous 'backwards' strat years ago!!! Why in God's name don't they simply release a nice 68-69 style strat WITHOUT THE INSANE CUSTOM SHOP PRICE TAG...???? I'd be willing to pay $600-$700 for a nice copy of a Woodstock era strat.

    18-Nov-09 11:57 AM

    catfishanthony    Said...

    shame on them !!! this is a discrace gibson dropped the ball on this one and what the h*** is janie doing ? like others have said flying v or sg! i would no way buy this guitar for my kid just out of respect

    04-Jan-10 04:41 AM

    B H    Said...

    What a shame........ No more respect in nothing !!!! DONT BUY this stupid thing !!

    21-Oct-10 10:47 AM

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