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A studio complex thats growing, how unusual.      29/09/09

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One thing you can say as sure as eggs is eggs, the studio business ain't what it used to be. With legendary facillities closing worldwide at an alarming rate, the studio industry is taking a real bashing. Property prices have put pressure on building owners to make more money from their portfolio - usually repurposing for residential use, and the double whammy of more  recording technology becoming available in the 'home studio' and reduced record sales, means less bookings.

Somehow Miloco (formed from the merging of Orinoco and Milo Music studios back in 2000) has bucked the trend. They've devised a new kind of business model, one which partners up with producers, engineers and programmers and their own spaces, to manage and lease out their studios ensuring that they are being used to the max. They also know how to maximize the space to keep rooms working. One thing that Nick Young, studio manager will tell you is that high occupancy is the key to keeping any studio on its feet.

Their special blend of centralized studio management and high tech maintenance procedures means running costs are shaved right down and the studios can survive. And more than this, the Miloco business model has expanded to include sixteen studios including two luxury residentials in Santorini and Spain - hola Miloco.

We visited the Miloco HQ on the eve of their re-opening party, this building is also home to central offices and The Pool studios - the spiritual home of The Chemical Brothers,  which were recently refitted to make maximum use of the available space. They have a Neve VR60 - you dont see many of those AND  EMT and Studer desks - which are rare as hens teeth, as well as an impressive array of classic synths and outboard.

We spoke to Nick Young in the first of two interviews made on the day.
And yes, the party was jolly good fun, I even got to stand next to Matt Johnson of The The fame....


In part two, we talk to Pete Hoffmann, technical director.






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mystic radio    Said...

very cool place. It 'is' kinda sad that the big studio's are becoming non cost effective. But on the other hand for us paupers, we are ECSTATIC to have pro gear at home I would be happy happy joy joy with one of peter gabriels SHACK concepts for personal recording

29-Sep-09 03:27 PM

Bjarne D.    Said...

I see that the refresh rate of the LED's is setting your camera off at 04:12... Hehe! :)

29-Sep-09 08:00 PM

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