The Thumping Guide To New York

New Site Looks At The Sound Design Possibilities Of A City      02/10/09

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The Thumping Guide To New York City is a Web site devoted to sounds that you can make around New York City by - you guessed it - thumping on things:

Do you like to thump on railings, lampposts, and bollards as you walk past them? Found some particularly resonant or cool-sounding objects in your wanderings through New York City? The Thumping Guide to NYC is a resource for sharing the best noisemakers in the city. The Guide needs your help to identify as many good thumping spots as possible!

The site features short videos, like the one above, of people thumping on things that make interesting, and sometimes not-so-interesting, noises.

It's an odd idea for a site, and, while it's a pretty esoteric concept, it's also a bit inspirational. How hard would it be to make a song out of the various sounds you could get, bonking on things around your neighborhood?

The videos are licensed with Creative Commons licenses, so the videos can be remixed, and the sounds can be used to "make music, a drum kit or sample set."

Organizers are interested, too, in helping people set up thumping guides for other cities.

London, L.A., Tokyo, Hong Kong - prepare to be thumped!


James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news


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