The MIDI-Controlled Animated Skull

MIDI Control Lets You Animate The Skull To Your Music      05/10/09

Buying Choices

If you celebrate Halloween, you're going to want to check out Division 6's MIDI-Controlled Animated Skull - a "talking" skull that responds to MIDI note-on/note-off events.

The video, above, shows how it works and demonstrates the bizarre thing in action.


This MIDI-controlled animated skull has eyes that light up and a mouth that moves. Connect it to a computer to create your own custom animations. Use it by itself or as part of a larger prop. This particular version of the skull has eyeballs that light up white.

Pricing and Availability
The Skull is available now for $69.99, including the Skull, a custom MIDI cable and 3 AA batteries.

via MatrixSynth


James Lewin
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