The Body Morphic

An Arresting Combination Of Music And Dance      06/10/09

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The Body Morphic juxtaposes the fluid motions of a dancer against the hyperkinetic blur of the crowd.

On one level - it's just visually interesting.

On another, though, it's almost confrontational. The people rushing by aren't expecting to run into a dancer, right in their way, in the middle of the stairwell, in bright red, doing something beautiful.

It's as the dancer is staking out territory, declaring her right to do something magical - right in your way as you go to work. Even as a thousand people walk right by.

Likewise, you may have come here looking for the latest music gear news - and, yet, there's a dancer here instead. Right in your way. Forcing you to decide if you have time for her, or if you need to rush on by.


  • Directed by Robin Cantrell
  • Dancer: Carmen Nicole
  • Camera, editing: Jake Lodwick
  • Music: "Knocking the Casket" by Papa M

James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news


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