New iPhone App Lets You Stalk Your Favorite Band

Uses Intelligent Systems To Bring You Music News      07/10/09

New iPhone App Lets You Stalk Your Favorite Band

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The rather unfortunately named BandStalker is a new application for the iPhone that promises to act as an intelligent agent to bring you the latest news on your favorite bands.

With BandStalker you have instant access to the latest news, information, concerts and videos of your favourite bands and artists, on the go, as it happens.

BandStalker was created by The Filter, which was co-founded by Peter Gabriel to "optimize entertainment". The Filter provides intelligent systems and applications to aid navigation and discovery of content.

For each artist you follow, you get:

  • Daily news
  • New music videos from YouTube.
  • Twitter updates from other fans
  • Band concert dates worldwide, including fully interactive Google map technology using location services to find the nearest gigs to you
  • Artist bios from All Music Guide.

Pricing and Availability

BandStalker is a free download and is available now.

James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news


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