Podcast: Sonic TALK149 - SynthSquad And Launchpad

FXpansion CEO, Eigen talk, Novations Launchpad, ribbon mics, groovy CD      08/10/09

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60:4 mins

A bumper week for the live listener, no doubt due to the loss of data from last week - live is the only guarantee that you'll get to hear the show! No, really -  great to see so many people in the chat room, if it carries on this way we'll have to go up a streaming tier - woohoo!

We have a special guest this week - Angus Hewlett CEO of FXPansion talking about the DCAM Synthsquad instruments (Cypher, Amber and Strobe), Mark Tinley  too - sound artist and big thinker and Rich Hilton - grammy winning engineer and producer comes in from across the pond.

We talk to Angus about the Synthsquad instruments and some of the behind the scenes development, then its a quick mention of the finally released Eigenharp (we have video!), Novation Launchpad astounds us all with its great price and features, then its on to the Moldover creative CD packaging and other hardware related marketing capers. We don't talk about Esquivel, but we do discuss ribbon mics on the news that Audio Technica have released a couple.

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Nick uses the Røde Procaster dynamic mic for this podcast recording.


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just another guy    Said...

Great show! Hope you can get more special guests in the future.

Close mic the bike with a AKG D112? I'm really wanting someone to overload that thing causing it to distort.

08-Oct-09 11:40 AM

Colin    Said...

It should be noted that ribbon transducers aren't one of the earliest types, but one of the last to be invented and marketed.

Alexander Graham Bell originally used a liquid microphone, this was soon replaced with carbon microphones. Following this was the condenser microphone (mid 20s). Then came the dynamic microphone, which was first patented in 1874, but wasn't made for real use and marketed until the late 20s. THEN came the ribbon in the 30s, which was a quality improvement over all the mics of the past and had better directionality thanks to the acoustic maze added behind the microphone (the RCA 77A was the first).

08-Oct-09 11:59 AM

Colin    Said...

*The first real condenser mic was sold in 1917 by Western Electric.

08-Oct-09 12:02 PM

Dan A.    Said...

Great discussion with Angus Hewlett. I'd often wondered if synth modeling could be done at the circuit component level, and now FXpansion has done it. It's quite an interesting technology with a broad scope of potential applications.

And best of luck to Mark at the solving the world's problems. Hopefully, he'll post the results on his site.

08-Oct-09 12:02 PM

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