AC/DC Backtracks Box Set Comes In Working Guitar Amp

Box Set Includes CDs, A Coffee Table Book, Even Their Family Jewels      14/10/09
AC/DC Backtracks Box Set Comes In Working Guitar Amp

AC/DC has never been known for their subtlety, and their new box set is no exception.

Their Backtracks Deluxe Collector's Edition collects their rare tracks together in a 3 CD/2 DVD collection, adds in a coffee table book and a vinyl LP, and packs it all into a working guitar amp.

Yes - it's excessive and loud - but it's also a great example of how bands are experimenting with packaging their music in new ways to give die-hard fans a reason to spend more on music.

The AC/DC Backtracks Deluxe Collector's Edition Includes:

  • Collector's Edition Box - Exterior box is designed to replicate a vintage AC/DC guitar amp
  • 3 CDs - 47 tracks that collect AC/DC's studio & live rarities (Many on CD for the first time)
  • 2 DVDs - "Family Jewels Vol. 3" and "Live at the Circus Krone"; Featuring videos and an extremely rare AC/DC club performance
  • AC/DC Coffee Table Book - 164 page coffee table book detailing rare and unseen photos spanning 1974-2009 plus much more
  • Rarities LP - 12 unique studio rarities from CD 1 presented on 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • Original Memorabilia Reproductions - Including buttons, stickers, tour fliers and more

This sort of thing harkens back to the days when The Rolling Stones put a zipper on Sticky Fingers or Alice Cooper put a pair of panties inside Schools Out. Nine Inch Nails recently sold out of their $300 Ultra-Deluxe Limited Edition Package of Ghosts I-IV in two days and Moldover blew people's minds with his Awesome Edition of his album, which features a working light theremin built into the CD case.

I'm probably not going to rush out to get AC/DC's Backtracks - but I am excited to see musicians experimenting with creative new ways to package their music.

Pricing and Availability

The Backtracks Deluxe Collectors Edition retails for $199. Availability is listed as Pre Order: November 09, 2009.


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