MultitrackStudio 6 Gets Windows 7 Multi-Touch Support

Mix With Your Fingers, Instead Of A Mouse      27/10/09

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Bremmers Audio Design has announced that MultitrackStudio 6, an inexpensive DAW for Windows, supports multi-touch control in the just-released Windows 7.

Here's what they have to say about it:

Touchscreen support has been designed to turn the computer into a recording and mixing device, while allowing some editing as well. You can interact with the knobs you see on the screen directly without having to find your mouse and move it to the right location first. In fact you're not even supposed to have a mouse or keyboard within reach!

The best touch experience is provided by Windows 7 combined with a multi-touch screen. Multi-touch means you can use multiple fingers simultaneously. The new onscreen MIDI keyboard benefits from this. It also allows for two-finger zooming.

While MultitrackStudio 6 is a relatively basic DAW, it's already supporting Windows 7 multitouch in some interesting ways. It will be interesting to see what other music software developers do with multitouch.

Do you think multitouch support will prove to be an advantage for the Windows 7 platform?

Pricing and Availability

MultitrackStudio6 is available now, starting at $69 for a digital download.


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