KVR Audio Developer Challenge 2009 Entries Now Available

Free Music Apps Include Audio Effects and Software Synths      30/10/09

KVR Audio Developer Challenge 2009 Entries Now Available

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Plugin site KVR Audio has posted the entries in its Developer Challenge 2009.

The contest challenges developers to create new free audio plug-ins and audio apps.

Entries include:

  • amphetamine, a 6-Oscillator Synth-Module.
  • Anawave, a hybrid analogue/wavetable synth.
  • Explor3r (by thelowerrhythm), a three oscillator monosynth with channel-dedicated amplitude envelopes, lowpass filters and LFOs, all glued together with a matrix that allows both phase modulation and sync inputs on each oscillator to be fed by the output of any other oscillator (including itself).
  • FerricTDS, a Tape Dynamics Simulator inspired by the smooth dynamic shaping capabilities of some high-end reel-to-reel tape recorders
  • HybridReverb2, a convolution-based reverberation effect which combines the  sound quality of a convolution reverb with the tuning capability of a feedback delay network.
  • massTURBOtar, a hybrid synthesizer with unique morphing capabilities.
  • New Blend, algorithmic music generator (an ‘in the works’ port of forthcoming breathcube, algorithmic song generator).
  • Phase Shifter, phasing effect which emulates four tape decks and many more features such as time stretching, filters & FX.
  • RA Mowg, a Minimoog Model D clone created by Roberson Audio.
  • sg-grainbot (by synthgeek), an experimental synth based on granular synthesis and mathematically generated noise.

See the contest site for the details on all the synths.


James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news


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