New Sequencer Controlled By Gestures

Free App For Mac & Windows      07/12/09

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Jon Keston's Gestural Music Sequencer (GMS) is a free application that samples and analyzes video to translate gestures into music.

It's now available, in beta form, for both Mac and Windows.

As users move, dance, gesture, or draw in front of a video camera, notes are generated based on a predetermined scale. Currently the available scales are pentatonic minor, whole tone, major, minor, and chromatic, all of which can be dynamically selected during a performance.

The scale can also be adjusted using probability distributions. Each note in the twelve tone chromatic scale can be given weighted randomness from zero to one hundred. Notes set to zero will not play, and notes set to one hundred are most likely to play when the probability distributions are enabled.

Other dynamic controls include MIDI out channel, BPM, low and high octave, transposition, sustain, duration selection (manual or randomized with probability distributions), BPM adjustment, and note randomization.

Pricing and Availability

GMS is available now as a beta version for both Mac and Windows. It is a free download.


James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news


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