New Synth Inspired By The Yamaha CS80

ME80 - The Aftertouch Synthesizer      23/12/09

New Synth Inspired By The Yamaha CS80

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Memorymoon has released ME80, aka the aftertouch aynthesizer, a new software synth for Windows inspired by the Yamaha CS80.

Here's what they have to say about it:

The sound of ME80 will remind you of an acoustic instument. It sounds synthetic, but has the expression of a real instrument.  You can shape the tone with aftertouch like you would do on a brass instrument. The velocity feels very alive with a seperate velocity-envelope that took 1 year to develop. Different velocities will have totally different envelope shape. If you want arpeggiators on this synth you do not deserve to play it. The instrument takes practice to master, like a real instrument. Polyphonic aftertouch is supported, but you can select "last played" mode for the aftertouch, and you will have fake polyphonic response from your mono aftertouch keyboard.

Pricing and Availability

Memorymoon ME80 is available now for Windows for $40. A demo version is available.


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