Kyle Evan's Electronically Modified Didgeridoo

DIY Didj Takes The Instrument Into Unexplored Territory      03/01/10

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Here's something you're not going to find at the music shop - an Electronically Modified Didgeridoo.

The custom didgeridoo was created by Kyle Evans, and takes the instrument into unexplored territory.

Evans explains the origin of the Electronically Modified Didgeridoo:

I created this instrument to experiment in the combination of the organic sound qualities of a didgeridoo with the advanced signal processing capabilities of modern computer programming and sound synthesis. This custom built didgeridoo features externally mounted modules that allow the performer to process and manipulate the sound of the instrument in real time. All control data is transmitted wirelessly via blue tooth and is controlling several audio processes created in a custom-built software environment.

Evans' instrument transmits control data via BlueTooth and audio via a wireless microphone system, so he would not be tied to a laptop:

All the control I need is located on the didj so there is no need to look at my laptop while performing. If I wish I can close it and put it aside without anyone knowing its there. You see so many computer musicians these days stuck behind their laptops and that can be boring for an audience. In a performance people like to hear AND see what's happening, and I greatly considered this in the design of all of my instruments, especially my didj.

Here's another example of Evans using his custom didgeridoo, doing a live audio and realtime video performance:


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