Plug-In Generates chords From Single Notes

WOK releases Skalenmeister VST for Windows      12/01/10

Plug-In Generates chords From Single Notes

WOK tells us that Skalenmeister is the successor of Tonmeister. It forces incoming MIDI notes to the given scale and key, and can generate chords from single notes (3 types of chords, 8 scales). The root key can be set automatically to the incoming note (for correct chords) or by MIDI notes on a second MIDI channel.
Skalenmeister comes together with Polymeister. Basically the same, Polymeister accepts polyphonic input to force to scale, but does not generate chords.
  • MIDI notes will be forced to the given scale and root key
  • root key can be set by notes on a second MIDI channel
  • generate chords for a single key (with strumming delay)
  • MIDI channel for input notes, auto root key and output can be set individually
  • added notes for 7th and sus can be changed for other chord types
Pricing and Availability:
15 Euro (Skalenmeister and Polymeister bundle) More information:

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