WNAMM10: Mopho Keyboard Video Demo

Dave Smith's Mother Of A Keyboard      15/01/10

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3:54 mins

Yep, it's that time of year again and this season's NAMM promises to be a cracker with plenty of new gear from lots of major players. We have a team of cameramen out on the frontline in Anaheim, tooled up and ready to bring you all the action as it happens.

And what a way to kick it all off! The wonderful Mopho keyboard from the legendary Mr. Dave Smith. Oh, yes, it's a Mopho with knobs on and 5 voices if you link it to a Tetra 4. Check out the video for the full lowdown and a rather (understandably) evasive answer when Nick questions Dave about THAT drum machine!

Lots and lots and lots more videos on the way, so stay tuned and I'll do my darndest to get them to ya firstest and fastest!

Simon Power

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Stuart    Said...


15-Jan-10 10:47 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Very cool; still it would be nice to have this with one or two tetra's already built in. Great value though.

15-Jan-10 01:36 PM

tb2media    Said...

nice, what i wanted the mopho to be. easier to use and control. just a tetra with a keys would be nice, but i suspect this is his answer. nice.

15-Jan-10 02:09 PM

robgs    Said...


15-Jan-10 05:11 PM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

I prefer the yellow

16-Jan-10 06:30 AM

Jahmal    Said...

Awesome!! This is just what I was hoping for. I guess it makes more sense to do a Mopho key instead of a Tetra.

I also prefer the yellow. Maybe make one or the other a Special Edition?

@tb2media Isn't that a Prophet '08?

16-Jan-10 07:49 AM

SteveFromBerlin    Said...


What a nice and polite man!

Just got an "old" MoPho - I thought they never would bring out a version with keys!

I also prefer the yellow one!

16-Jan-10 01:58 PM

Damian    Said...


17-Jan-10 03:36 AM

L N V    Said...

@ Marc JX8P

2 Tetras in a box with knobs? That would be a Prophet your fantasising about?

A 5 voice Tetra by using this synth as a controller is a fab idea.

Im assuming the Mophos controls will be relevant to both synths.

18-Jan-10 07:54 AM

asl    Said...

Actually mopho + tetra add 2 sub osc's + feedback, so no - they aint a prophet08. Also because of that the pro08 lacks bottom end and grit. So a new pro08MK2 with the updates of mopho + tetra functions - yes - that would be the right answer for us analog folks...

22-Jan-10 07:28 AM

ASDR    Said...

Having a keyed Tetra would cut into P08 sales and certainly put it within the same price point (That's not to say I wouldn't want one). Doesn't make much sense seeing that the P08 is sort of their "flagship" product ATM.

As ASL indicated, an MKII of sorts would make a lot more sense.

22-Jan-10 03:34 PM

Brain Salat    Said...

This is buisiness.This year Mopho-Keyboard and next year Tetra-Keyboard.I think he don't want to introduce both in the same year though he can. Same people who buy Mopho-Keyboard this year, will buy tetra-Keyboard next year too.So he can make more money.

23-Jan-10 07:36 PM

Bob    Said...

"make a keyboard with one or two Tetra's built in" ...they do, it's called a Prophet 08

21-Feb-10 06:39 PM

mm    Said...

""make a keyboard with one or two Tetra's built in" ...they do, it's called a Prophet 08"

Ahh - thanx for your great help. So the P08 has Multi Mode with 4-8 MIDI channels & 4-8 seperate audio outputs?

18-Mar-10 12:46 AM

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