WNAMM10: Steinberg Announces Cubase 5 Trial Version

Full range of features, sounds and instruments available to all USB eLicenser owners for a full 30-day trial      15/01/10
WNAMM10: Steinberg Announces Cubase 5 Trial Version

Steinberg today announced the immediate availability of a fully functional trial version of its Cubase 5 Advanced Music Production System. All that's needed to use the full 30-day trial version is a USB eLicenser and a MySteinberg account at www.steinberg.net. The Cubase 5 software can be downloaded from the Steinberg website or obtained on DVD from any authorized Steinberg dealer. Users of other DAW products who do not yet own a USB eLicenser receive a full refund on the price of the USB eLicenser in the Steinberg online shop when buying the full Cubase 5 version.
Helge Vogt, Steinberg's Product Marketing Manager for Cubase, had this to say..."The Cubase 5 Trial version is the ideal way for customers of older Cubase versions or any software that uses the USB eLicenser to try out Cubase 5 for 30 days. Importantly, this is not a functionally limited demo version but the full Cubase 5 installer with all features, sounds and instruments. We're sure that some musicians and producers out there trying Cubase 5 who currently use competing products will find features like the VariAudio vocal correction features, VST Expressions or the new beat production tools extremely attractive and won't want to miss them."
Pricing and Availability:
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    Dolphono    Said...

    I take it that no one is buying Cubase nor upgrading to the latest version.? lol

    15-Jan-10 06:16 PM

    Qutoo    Said...

    What a useless trial ! Its the trial you have when you're not having a trial ... as if ANYONE is going to go out and buy a stoopid eLicenser gadget just so they can trial CB5 so what if they get a refund on it if they buy from the Steinberg store ? They pay full retail there and CB5 can be had cheaper elsewhere ... free trial ...HARDLY !

    16-Jan-10 01:41 AM

    ex cubase user    Said...

    Only Steinberg could mark their demo of Cubase 5 with a fanfare of bells ,whistles and mass press releases... And then have a broken link at the end of it all ..AMATEURS!

    16-Jan-10 08:16 AM

    Cubase 4 but want to be FL user :)    Said...

    Steinberg is beginning to get just a little bit annoying -.-

    10-Mar-10 10:54 AM

    Cubase 4 but want to be FL user :)    Said...

    Steinberg is beginning to get just a little bit annoying -.-

    10-Mar-10 10:55 AM

    Cubase 4 but annabe Fl user    Said...

    Steinberg is beginning to get just a little bit annoying -.-

    10-Mar-10 10:55 AM

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