WNAMM10: Ableton Take It To The Bridge

Serato and Live joined at the hip      20/01/10

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16:7 mins

Probly the biggest software story of the show this, with Ableton and Serato creating a formal link between their two great pieces of software. The DJ can take control of the session by using the timecode vinyl to synt directly to Live. In fact inside Serato Scratch there is an Ableton button which reveals a smaller version of the live track view with clips, scenes and faders on display from the linked Live session.

This means the DJ or another performer can also trigger clips and control the session alongside the DJ while in perfect sync.

Also, the DJ can record their set into Live format - either in long or short form and then open the resulting file inside Live to tweak the mix, with individual decks as separate tracks and automation of the crossfader or EQ etc, assuming you use something like new Rane Sixty Eight controller for Scratch Live.


Not available just yet, but at the demo Huston and Nick were innundated with queries from eager DJs - a big hit methinks...




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TheS    Said...

neat toy, but not quite the 'bridge' b/w production and a dj rig that I thought it would be workflow wise or solution wise. I'll stick to reaktor ammobox with logic thank you very much. For those that will do that same: reaktor, ammobox, and DAW, Try RECORDING your time code send and sending THAT to ammobox!!!! That's what I do andits ridiculous!!

21-Jan-10 05:08 AM

Hidden Driveways    Said...

Thanks for the video Nick. I "get it" a little more now. As a TTM57SL owner & a long time Ablenerd, I'm pretty stoked for this. I do wish Ableton would make it clear how the hardware integration works. They still haven't made it clear what hardware is going to output what audio. So, if you own the TTM57 or a Serato box like the SL1, or even one of the ITCH interfaces, they haven't made it clear that the audio from Ableton Live will come out of the Serato hardware. They seem to be hinting that you may need Serato hardware and a separate interface for Live. It seems obvious that the two programs should share the same audio hardware & output, but Ableton has yet to go on record that this is indeed the case.

21-Jan-10 10:59 AM

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