WNAMM10: Spectrasonics Updates With Mr Persing

Trillian, Omnisphere and an iPhone App      21/01/10

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20:45 mins

Eric Persing gives great demo, and we were lucky enough to be given a private audience with him while he showed off the Trilian - the bass synth that really is all about bass - both sampled and synthesized.

Check em out.

We also get a look at the 1.2 Omnisphere update which now has 7,000 patches - lordy. Lucky there's a new project based patch browser and more.

We also get a look at the Spectrasonics  iPhone App which lets you remotely switch patches, if you were to be playing an instrument without keys, such as a ZenDrum fr'instance.




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Sage    Said...

This man is brilliant!

21-Jan-10 07:10 PM

Nathan    Said...

Wow from 4000, 7000 patches. And a mate said this was too expensive product. Best brought software Imo. I'll wait til the proper release, don't like beta :S. Also love how eric read peoples comments on what sounds to put into the product too. wonder what the new 3000 are.

22-Jan-10 04:32 PM

spectrum    Said...

Thanks guys! One slight correction: In the video, I said 7,000 "sounds"...not "patches". Omnisphere actually already has 6,891 total sounds (Multis/Patches/Soundsources) in the current version....so with the new 1.2 update we'll definitely be going over the 7k mark for the total. But there's not 3,000 brand new sounds in the update. :-) For reference, you can find the complete list of the current sounds in Omnisphere here: http://www.spectrasonics.net/instruments/omnisphere_sound_library.php

Cheers! -EP

24-Jan-10 02:08 PM

gadgetfreak1    Said...

hey eric since the economy has affected many of us is there a way u guys can team up with propellerhead's reason and release an OMNISHPHERE Refill that way we can have a mock sound appearence of omnisphere on our tracks made in reason am on a tight budget n cant afford omnisphere at the moment but am loving the sounds of it

01-Feb-10 08:11 PM

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